August 29, 2009

Listening to Yasmin Ahmad expressing her view on 1Malaysia, I can’t help but to think how simple-minded she is.

I guess we all should strieve to think along that line.

Anyway… having been away from Malaysia for quite some time, though I’ve occasionally visited KL and went back to my hometown as well, I’m wondering, how are Rakyat Malaysia taking all that is happening in Malaysia in.  The rise of opposition party triggered Mr Lee to pay a visit to the neighbour country of the north, the death of opposition party member triggered emotional opinions, the last few general elections and ‘sub’ elections, the economic downturn,etc… what are the Rakyat’s opinion?

My occasional trips back to Malaysia, tells me that things haven’t really changed that much, at least on social levels, but I’m just wondering, if my observation is really that true.  Are we Malay, Chinese, Indian, and others living together in harmony?  What kind of prejudice still exist?  Is May 13th 1964 a distance memory, or are we still running the risk of the incident of that past happening?

Najib brought upon the idea of 1Malaysia, but the thing is, until now, I don’t know, what is 1Malaysia is all about, what does it encompass, how is it to be executed, what’s promised, what’s the principle message to Rakyat, etc… in short, what is 1Malaysia?

Yasmin Ahmad expressed her view, that it’s about all the different cultures and races, all of us, embracing the differences…. hmmm, so, how have we scored at doing that?

Since Independence, how have things improved, especially at social level? Are we appreciating each other, or are we just compromising each other, or are we only tolerating?


As expected…

May 20, 2009

some nincompoop, in this case, perf, commented on the previous post.

I’m not going to justify myself, don’t assume I’m 18 or blog like one, don’t assume I have never read and/ or analysis the Bible and don’t assume that I’m going to hell, the way I won’t assume that you are Christian, or perhaps you are,  I won’t assume you are a fundamentalist/ fanatic/ etc, but perhaps you are.

What you perf are, that’s not important.  What’s important is, you’ve probe me to bring up 3rd point:

3) Somehow, any comments on Christianity, or any religion, seems to be always made by anonymous or idiots behind nicknames….
Just read forums, or any blog post, or any online articles that touch on religion, and you’ll find assholic ppl commenting behind nicknames.  What the hell…. I mean, if you dare to pen all those words, dare yourselves to stand by the words.  Ya ya, attack back at me for being a hypocrite by not revealing myself by posting as a bottle, that’s such a convenience right?

Okay, okay… let’s erase point 3 and ‘play’ on level field.  Let me point out again point 1) and 2) with reference to the clip from my previous post (https://thatbottle.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/christians-who-like-to-cite-bibles-balik-kampung-lar/).  SOME Christians simply love to cite all over the Bible, but let’s take just Exodus and tell me all the justifications to the modern world.  I shall ‘reduce’ myself as a 18 year old, and be all ready to be enlightened, so please enlighten me.  And since SOME Christians love to cite all over the Bible, do let me know of application of justificitions to the rest of the Bible.  No double standard please…  And again, please (I’m just being courtesy here by being humble) don’t assume I don’t read the different versions of Bible *roll eyes*.

p.s. I’ve nothing against Christianity, but Christians who try to be funny and have their own agendas.
p.s.s. This is my blog- please respect that foremost- and thus I’m at my own discretion to approve or disapprove comments.  Intelligent comments will get through, stupid comments won’t, with the except of perf’s, just so that I can prove my point what’s considered stupid-ly full of assumptions and crap.

Christians who like to cite bibles, balik kampung lar~~

May 19, 2009

I love this clip so so very much, it brings up two things which I really frown upon:

1) bible verse-citing beings
So many a time, verses from bible were held with esteem and brought out of context by some Christians.  I really hate it when they throw all that to my face and expect me to respond the way they wanted to.  The truth is, they kept oh-so-quiet about so many other verses.  Or perhaps, they didn’t even know those degrading verses exist, like women are not suppose to wear man clothing (so the Bible say, woman should never wear pants okay?), etc etc.  And truth is, these people have personal agendas and they are basically hiding behind those verses, saying that the Bible says so… Crap…

2) I’m better than you because I’m a Christian
How many times have you encounter such vibes from Christians in general?  Okay, I shall not speak on behalf of anyone, and that’s not my intention.  That’s just a rhetorical question.  But personal, YES! I’ve encountered so many Christians who ooze those vibe when they learn that I’m not a Christian.  That’s what exactly the lady was thinking, by the way she talks, by the fact that she didn’t even see the courtesy of standing up when the President is in the room when everyone is standing…  So so many times, I’ve gotten this “Oh, so you are not a Christian….Bleah” look.  Ive always brushed that aside.  But from now on, I shall question them right upfront.  In fact, I don’t even need to say it out loud that I’m a non-Christian, as I wear “this-orange-string-thingy-around-my-wrist”.   If anyone dares to give me a degrading look, I’ll ask straight on:   Are you a Christian?  If the answer is Yes, then I’ll just make a comment: You are judging me, and only God can judge.  You think you are God? Romans, 14:1-13

AWARE:; questions been raised on EGM

May 10, 2009

THis is taken from http://akikonomu.blogspot.com/2009/05/inquiring-minds-want-to-know-caine-teo.html

Is the AWARE saga over? it shouldn’t been, it should be the beginning…



As we celebrate our victory over the forces of Feminist Mentor, we urge people to review their memories of that hard-fought battle. It was a difficult battle despite the one-sided result.

Over the past few days, we have received reports from people who attended the EGM at Suntec. As we review their accounts with the reports from twitter by articulate bloggers, the Wayang Party and The Online Citizen, it appears the battleground was stacked against their favour.

We draw attention to the events management company behind the EGM: Ape Communications, and its boss Caine Teo.

We direct the following questions to Ape Communications and Caine Teo, and encourage interested parties to send these in writing to Ape Communications, 32 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169780 or ask@ape.sg:

1. The original venue for the EGM was to have been Expo, right next to an evangelical rally.

As the event manager of Aware, was this venue choice your decision, or was it a decision on the part of the Aware exco?

2. At the EGM at Suntec, it appears that supporters of the Aware exco, clad in red t-shirts, had volunteered to set up and man the venue as early as 9am.

Was it your decision as event manager to allow only redshirt supporters to volunteer for the venue preparation?

Was it your decision as event manager to reject and eject the Old Guard and their supporters as volunteers for the venue preparation?

3. When the seating began, a huge group of redshirts were made to go into the hall first, as a collective. After which, the queue was operated in a first-come-first served manner.

As event manager, could you explain the rationale for the decision to let the redshirts enter the hall first?

4. When the EGM started, and for almost the entire duration of the EGM, microphones at the back and middle of the hall were turned off completely.

As event manager, could you explain why this was so? As events manager, could you justify this decision, as anyone who has attended corporate AGMs and EGMs will tell you it’s bad form to turn off any microphone in a hall?

5. During the EGM, the microphones were constantly switched off in the middle of questions by speakers who interrogated the new exco’s policies and attitudes toward homosexuality.

Was control of the microphones under your purview as events manager? Could you explain why the microphones seemed to work in the interests of the exco, and not the members of the organisation?

6. We note the presence of AETOS Security Management Pte Ltd auxiliary police for the event. It is unfortunate that the overwhelming impression was that the AETOS personnel functioned more as the private bodyguards and enforcers of the will of the Aware exco, instead of keeping the peace and security on both ends.

Was control of the auxiliary police under your purview as events manager?
Could you explain why the AETOS personnel appeared to work under the orders of the exco, and not as security personnel?
Could you clarify the role under which AETOS personnel were engaged for the event?

7. At 9.10 pm, Josie Lau goes on stage with the statement “We have decided to graciously step down. We wish Aware all the best. I declare the meeting closed.” And the microphones in the hall were all shut down following this statement.

As event manager, were you in charge of the microphones? If you weren’t, who was?
As event manager, were you aware that as of her statement to step down, Josie Lau no longer had the power to declare the meeting closed?

8. On your girlfriend’s blog (screencap here), she mentioned being privvy to “new and unpublished insights” about the Aware situation because of your involvement. She clarifies on her blog that you shared with her your worries and how your day went.

As event manager, did you discuss break client confidentiality in discussing the Aware issue with your girlfriend?

As event manager, were you provided information by the Aware exco that were in excess to what you needed to know? How much information did you pass on to your girlfriend?

9. As event manager, would you say that you have provided a fair, neutral, and unbiased event management for a highly polarised EGM?

For all readers who attended the EGM on Saturday: Do feel free to leave your impressions and additional questions of the event management on the blog, or email me through the usual channels. I will, with permission, reproduce them here, with names withheld upon request.

6 May 2009: NMP Siew Kum Hong reports on his personal experience of the deliberately tilted playing field of the EGM and its wide variance from the law and practice of meetings.


So, will those questions above be answered?  If not, the old ‘new guard’ will remain condemned, and the new ‘old guard’ will remain as toothless… and again, the question, what happened to the accountability of SGD90,000?

be AWARE!!!

May 9, 2009

AWARE saga over? It should not

AWARE EGM on 02 May 09 certainly shows passion and concern of women in Singapore, of their rights and representatives.  Not only that, they showed appreciation of transparency, hard work and trust.

The old ‘new guard’ was condemned as to have not shown nothing regarded as trust, transparent, diversity, relevant, leadership, civilized through their action or words.

Moving forward, I would think that these questions or issues need to be addressed:

1) Accountability
SGD90,000 has been spent in just such minute period- as compared to the years of history of AWARE- during the old ‘new guard’ management as compared to meetings using second-hand-furniture-and-straw-mat-sitting when AWARE first started.  Josie Lau, Charlotte Wong, Maureen Ong, Jenica Chua, Sally Ang, Lois Ng, Irene Yee all need to held responsible on how the money was spent, especially in the current global financial uncertainty and especially so since AWARE is an NGO.  The $$ spent, is not for those women to spend in such manner, the $$, could have been channelled to better cause.  And based on membership increased, someone brought up that AWARE still ‘earned’ SGD30,000 as the membership increased would give AWARE an additional SGD120,000 based on SGD40 per annum membership fee.  But the truth is, SGD120,000 is per annum, meaning in a month, the allowed $$ to be spent should SGD10,000.  As the old ‘new guard’ has spent SGD90,000, it means that they have spent 9 months’ allocated fund!  It means for at least half a year, AWARE has no $$ to work on.  And to take it that the president from the old ‘new guard’ is working with a bank, a financial company, as vice president and that the hononary treasurer has a first class honours degree in accountancy and has 30 years of experience in finance, tax and treasury management in various industries… spending SGD90,000 in just about a month is so inefficient and shows incapability of leadership.  Account for all that please…

On accountability, besides the money spent, the new exco and speaking parties need to be accounted for their claims.  Dr Thio Su Mien, the self-proclaimed “feminist mentor” of the old ‘new guard’ has been contacted by MOE about the inappropriateness of AWARE programme at schools.  MOE has stated, no public member has complained, and Dr Thio herself has not complained to MOE, in verbal or written before the AWARE saga.  I would think that the Singapore nation would demand for a clear cut response, especially in view that she was never ever being remembered as being part of AWARE or any feminist group in Singapore who stands for the rights of Singaporean women besides being mentioned in a publication.  The old ‘new exco’ members also claim that they are reverting back to the original course of AWARE.  Until now, none of them has never addressed that.  They did not reveal any concrete plans or programmes that prove their points.  They can still do now, though the relevance of them disclosing their programme is of another issue.

Though MOE has suspended and is going to review all the sexual programmes conducted in schools, Dr Thio still should be demanded a respond to her claims and her actions.  She should also respond as to why she did not lodge complains to MOE.

2) Constitution
The constitution of AWARE or any organisation needs to be relooked into to prevent such coup and to allow transparency.  The new ‘old guard’ needs to fine-tune the constitution such that hideous and unforeseen takeover such as the recent chapter would not happen again.  The constitution should not allow irrelevant members and questionable members who have never contribute to the course of the organisation to take over the organisation itself.

The constituency should also include transparency and accountability.  For example, though free media was not allowed to record the EGM, an official media should be appointed for transparency and accountability sake.  And the question on the SGD90,000 spent by the old ‘new guard’ needs to be addressed and this has to be included in the constitution as well.

Fundamentally,  the question was asked ‘I don’t understand what has become of our people.’  The answer is pretty simply:  The uncivilised coup by a certain group of people was not and will not be appreciated by the multi-racial, mulit-religious and complex Singapore due to the lack of trust and transparency.  The respect to such coup shall be non-existence and shall not be entertained.  That is the answer, and that is the message, and that is the lesson to be learnt by the one or others who dare to comment as such.

3) Other organisations
Other organisations should take note of such takeover…  All organisations should review their constitution and ensure that uncivilized takeover would not happen.  Arguing on moral ground is gonna be weak, so please, ensure your member recruitment, your exco election, etc are fool-proof.  Specifically to AWARE, those fundamentalists Christians manage to hijack legally… it’s so damn sad and wrong, but it’s legal… so please, learn from the AWARE saga.  Protect organisations from overzelous one-single-minded groups with hidden agenda…

What I wish to see from the new ‘old guard’ are: The old ‘new guard’ should not be let off the hook so easily.  They have to pay, and please include that Dr. Thio as well.  Make all of them pay, pay, pay… They won’t go bankrupt, no worries about that, coz if they don’y have personal funds to handle all the payback, i’m sure their church wuld rally for help…  And please, no sympathy to them too, afterall, they took the takeover simply as a business transaction, so regard what the old ‘new guard’ did as business, and those ladies simply did not handle the business well; simply firing them is not enough, as this is an NGO and there’s a need for accountability, besides proving that the new ‘old guard’ has the fangs for accountability.

What’s next? What’s next?  The public and AWARE members are interested to know, at least I know I am…

Mas Selamat… my thoughts

May 9, 2009

So finally, Mas Selamat is captured.

If you are asking who the hell is he?  Read about him here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mas_Selamat_bin_Kastari

Not sure what’s the coverage was in Malaysia, but in the land of the small dot, manyak manyak hoo-haa last year when that fella escaped from detention centre.  Why the hoo-haa?  Imagine, a terrorist who got arrested in Indonesia, then freed, then arrested again, then handed to Singapore and then escaped, only to be captured after about 14 months later in Malaysia.  That man is in his late 40s, and with a limp.  But he managed to escape some detention centre in Singapore.  So the Singapore public was asking, how come? how come? how come?  And the question was not just, how come he escaped, but also how come the immediate actions were not so immediate.  And of course lar, Singapore tried to ‘do its best’, and as a result, so much resources were channelled to hunting the limping guy, from poster printing and mobilization of army personnel…  And the inconvenience caused at immigration, the general public was simply biting their lips and thought to themselves:  We know this is a must, to capture this one terrorist, but going through the immigration is a hassle now… WTF….

When Feb 2009 comes by, articles in newspaper and blogs come by, to remind Singapore about the security lapse.  Truth is, no one really forgot, at least I didn’t… especially with statement like “he is either in Singapore or not Singapore” was made,  i mean, come on, that kinda statement is such an insult to any sane mind.  Ass-covering indeed… Mas Selamat could be found on Venus and that statement would still stand valid…. Gosh!!!

Anyway… questions on the escape were eased, not answered directly.  And with the capture of Mas Selamat, all the parties involved would start waving the ‘victory flag’, that he’s finally captured.  Just read the papers, and you’ll read about how much ‘aid’ and ‘help’ and ‘intelligence’ provided leading to the capture in Malaysia.  I mean, whatever lar…  The truth remains, he escaped in the first place, and that the general public was inconvenienced because of that…

And so, what’s gonna happen next?  There will be extensive reports on Mas Selamat, amidst the AWARE or the swine flu or the economy situation…  You know lar, all the damage control…

But what if, just what if, just what if, Mas Selamat is deported back in Singapore, or in the midst of deporting back to Singapore, Mas Selamat escapes again!!!  Such unthinkable situation right?  But he’s Mas Selamat, and he’s a proven escape artist.  So let’s just assume, he manages to escape, even if it means that he’s captured within an hour…  I dunno about you, but I’ll certainly be shaking my head…

Once, is a mistake, twice, we are made a fool…

My advice, there’s certainly no room for mistake at all… at all…  at all!

Kudos on the capture, now to address the inconvenience and to rectify all the actions that lead to the capture…..

Tourist jumps when they saw the bill at Newton Circus hawker centre

March 23, 2009

This piece of incident, really begs me to blog here lor…

If you haven’t heard, here’s the gist:  Some silly angmo went to Newton hawker centre, ordered some seafood, and the bill comes back SGD491.  Obviously, they can’t believe their eyes and they complained, successfully.  The stall owner kena license suspended.

My opinion?  If you are angmoh, doesn’t matter if you a dumb-blonde, a himbo or have never travelled much, come to Singapore.  Shop, eat and do whatever you want and if things doesn’t go your way, go ahead and complain and make noise.  Chances are, you’ll win!

Just like the angmo who ‘dined’ at non-air conditioning with no table-cloth, and no personal waitress asking you if you want wine to go along with your meal, if you think the price is extravagant, even if you didn’t care to find out beforehand how much your meal would cost, just go ahead and complain.  Unlike Singaporeans, your complain will be taken into utmost consideration and something will be done.

Like any countries in the world, there are many many tourist trap.  It takes SGD25 just to take the escalator up the Eiffel tower, SGD245 for an hour gondola ride in Venice and a family of four would have to pay SGD186 for a walk in Madame Tussauds in London.  You see, those places are iconic to the countries.  Food is considered iconic to Singapore, and thus, expect to pay to eat in Singapore.  Unlike the Eiffel tower or Madame Tussaud in London, you have not much choice as those are one of its kinds around.  Food however, you have a choice.  If the food doesn’t look appealing, just walk away.  If it’s too pricey, just walk away.  But, if you an angmo tourist, just go ahead and order all you want.  Even if you’ve been told it’s SGD8 per 100g for the prawn, and you just too lazy to do some calculation in your head, and you just too arrogant perhaps to ask precisely how much your food weigh and how much the total cost would roughly be, and you went ahead and ordered 8 big prawns and other seafood dishes as well, jsut go ahead and order.  If you think the price is too much even if it’s because you didn’t got yourselves clear of the total price, it’s okay… this is Singapore, you can complain and your complain will be acted upon.

In any case, here’s my last words.  It’s a free market.  Make sound decision and ask properly before purchase.  If you act as dumb arrogant tourist, be prepared for the consequences.  Newton is a tourist trap, any tourist who doesn’t know about this, has obviously not done his research on Singapore.


March 12, 2009

As if i’ve been posting lately, but at least I shall make it official…I’m tentatively disappearing.

“I hope you are in better place, where you find comfort… for i shall tear, for your departure, for as i remember, and i shall miss… You.”

what a joke!

February 28, 2009

that’s what malaysian government has slowly turned into. it was interesting at first, as it was interesting to see the shift of power, but now, it is just a joke…. and i’m not laughing

Malaysian politicians are really sick

February 24, 2009

And I don’t mean all the sex stuff that is surfacing.  We love oral sex once in a while.  We all sleep nude once in a while.  We all have mistress once in a while.  We get married more than once once in a while.  And heck, we go gay once in a while too.

I mean sick as in ill.  Sakit.  Yao Peng.  Played badminton, collapsed.  Cycle, collapsed.  Now, it’s happening in Sarawak.  Aiyo…  Why? Too much political plotting until so stress until KO ar?  Hai…  Why play all those political games?  MCA internal fight.  UMNO internal also peck at each other.  Between oppositions, also fight.  Then plot crossovers.  Then fight with the sultans and judges.  Then pull in the police also.  And who kena sai?  The Rakyat.  Gajah lawan, pelanduk mati di tengah.  Look at the bigger picture la.  The world is going through recession.  Environmental issues always at hand.  The rakyats want to know how ‘ketuanan melayu’ is to be updated.  The rakyat wants to know, how to prevent the countries’ universities from slipping down the ranking even more.  There are so so many issues to be tackled, but yet, the politicians are playing all those stupid games, and never take care of their health.

Must be all the unnecessary kenduri and makan sessions and all the smoking la.  Arteries clogged up.  Heart got weaker.  And rarely exercise.

Please, please, please.  Stop all the stupid politic games and take care of your health.  Go for check-ups can?

Since cannot make babies, then go to work!

February 6, 2009

People in Spore are treated like things- engines, products, baby-making machines.  Nothing new lar…  Previously, Sporeans are asked to ‘fall in love’ with same kind.  Then now, because birth rate did not improve, the people are being herded back to 5 1/2 day or 6 day work week.  What competitiveness? What productivity?  Spore has become one of the top nation in this region.  And with that, comes with a expensive tag.  Spore lose out to international companies not because of the work ethics, or that Sporean play hard…  It’s because there are cheaper options around.  Come on lar… you think business look ar work ethics and quality mer? That’s secondary.  The main thing is: production has to be cheap cheap cheap.  That’s why US is losing to India and China.  That’s why manufacturing companies are moving out of Singapore and to other countries in the region.

And also, Spore baby-making scheme is not exactly fantastic.  Try comparing to some scheme implemented in Europe lo.

 Procreation ‘not our forte,’ says Singapore MP

A Singapore lawmaker has a simple explanation for the city-state’s lack of babies: procreation, he says, is “not our forte.”

Loo Choon Yong also suggested that because more free time did not necessarily result in more babies, people should work on Saturdays, a report in The Straits Times said.

“We should accept that as a people, our procreation talent is not our forte — nothing to crow about,” Loo told the legislature on Wednesday.

The government announced last year that it would double spending on incentives to address a baby shortage that threatens the city-state’s future.

Previous efforts by authorities in the fast-paced, money-oriented and high-stress society failed to significantly raise the number of children.

Government figures say Singapore had a fertility rate of 1.29 babies per woman in 2007, well below the 2.1 children per woman needed for the population to replace itself naturally.

While failing to boost the population, working only five days a week may also have affected Singapore’s work ethic, the report quoted Loo as saying.

“I urge the government to take steps to determine whether our productivity and competitiveness have been affected by the five-day week,” he said.

Most companies in Singapore work five days a week.

“I have nothing against our young Singaporeans having fun and partying. But I hope they will work as hard as they play,” the MP was quoted as saying.

Loo was back in parliament on Thursday and could not be reached.

via http://news.sg.msn.com/regional/article.aspx?cp-documentid=2354395


November 27, 2008

Me just wondering out loud, since there’s all those talk about fatwa lah, banning yoga and lipstick lah, alcohol sales lah, etc etc… are these haram?

1) Can Muslim eat vegetarian mock pork?

2) Can Muslim drink non-alcoholic beer?

TEXAS Bar Sues Church

November 21, 2008

In a small Texas town (Mt. Vernon), Drummond’s Bar began construction on a new building to increase their business. The local Baptist church started a campaign to block the bar from opening with petitions and prayers.

Work progressed right up till the week before opening when lightning struck the bar and it burned to the ground. The church folks were rather smug in their outlook after that, until the bar owner sued the church on the grounds that the church was ultimately responsible for the demise of his building, either through direct or indirect actions or means. The church vehemently denied all responsibility or any connection to the building’s demise in its reply to the court.

As the case made its way into court, the judge looked over the paperwork. At the hearing he commented, “I don’t know how I’m going to decide this case. It appears that we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer, and an entire church congregation that does not.”

Doesn’t this fictional story makes you think what would happen if this absurdity is to happen in real life?  Or had it taken place in the history of mankind?

How BN got it all wrong

September 16, 2008

BN is a multiracial coalition.  No doubt about that.  It had been in the past, it is still so currently.  But what went wrong during the 08 March election?

The fact shows, through the voters’ voice, that PKR is gaining ground.  It’s naive to say this, but all things being equal, that shows that the rakyat is losing faith in BN.  What has BN done wrong?

The rakyat looks at fact and figures too.  For 51 years, BN has ruled Malaysia.  There were national progress, there were changes for the better.  But the rakyat look at themselves, and thought, how come our lives have never changed for the better? How come we are working harder only to stay the same, to stay where we are?  Somethings are better, but there’s always trade-offs.  The nett improvement is nil.  Something is simply not right here.

Two issues here.

Economic. Fact and figures are released every year, reflecting on how Malaysia is progressing.  But the rakyat does not see such progress reflected on to their everyday life.  The ordinary Joes are questioning, the farmers are questioning, the office workers are questioning, the stay-home mums are questioning.  The newly graduated are questioning.  If there is progress, there should be increase in money, or increase in good job opportunities, or decrease in expenses.  But everything is ‘terbalik’.  Something is wrong.  Everything is going down the drain.  Malaysia’s economy is not being handled properly.  And chances have been given over and over again for 51 years.  So on 08 March, no more.

Social.  BN wanted a united Malaysian race.  The rakyat asked how.  BN had no answer, and we all went back to our everyday lives.  We went back to doing open house during Hari Raya and invited all friends.  We went back to playing badminton with Muthu, Samad and Ah Cheong after a hard day’s work.  We continued to hear the morning prayers in the neighbourhood, we continued to smell the joss sticks from our neighbour.  We continued to share stories at mamak coffeeshop.  We shared kuih.  We gave ang pao to all kids.  We all go to buka puasa meal together at hotels.  We continued on living the way we are.  But yet, BN occasionally injected news or actions that threaten our everyday lives.  All the ceramah during election are peppered with racial slurs.  BN bulldozed temples and simply apologized later.  BN pumped money to create a superior race and denied others.  The rakyat no longer wants to see that.  BN is multiracial, and the rakyat hopes to see themselves represented.  Instead, BN is not a coalition of equal ground.  That’s not right, thought the rakyat.  Again and again, BN gave promises, and again and again, BN broke them or went against their promises.  Rakyat is baffled, why can’t we just accept that we are all different?  There is unity in disintegration, and rakyat has shown that.  We learn about each other’s religion.  We learn about each other’s culture.  We all want to understand, so help us understand, help us learn.  But nope, BN decided to keep us apart.  Education is stale in improving social understanding.  Religious leaders kept referring the rakyat as ‘us’ and ‘them’.  The idea of a Malaysian race, remains as propaganda that was used time and again to give us a fake unattainable false hope.

Rakyat wants to acknowledge that, we are all of different roots and we want to be proud of that.  That makes Malaysia unique and we love that.  We love the different food.  We love the different celebration and holidays.  We love the sight and sound of Malaysia landscape, where a mosque sits next to an Indian temple, where signboard of different languages are all over.  But we don’t want just because we are of different backgrounds, we are given different opportunities.  We all want to practise our own religious rights, no one wants to be called a squatter as that is irrelevant now, we all want to have equal economical opportunities, we want to see our sweat and blood returning as honey and bread, and not just plain rice all the time.  But all that has yet to be seen.  It has been 51 years and the rakyat has yet to see that.  Something is wrong.  The govt has got it wrong.  The BN had got it all wrong.

All wrong…

Happy Birthday MalaysiaN!

August 31, 2008

Ho ho ho… It’s Malaysia’s ‘Birthday’ and the celebration seems to be full of fish bones in the flesh.

Politically, Malaysia is going through a drastic turn of events.  The ruling party is wondering, what’s next from the Opposition party.  Will Anwar’s plan materialize come mid Sept 08?  The Permatang Pauh by-election event hinted that the ruling party has run out of bullets and are just shouting ‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’.  The voters know too, by giving the Opposition a higher vote count.  The ruling party couldn’t make any more promises like better roads, better wet market, better housing, etc., because the rakyat knows that all that would end up as just that- promises.  And BN decided to play up the Anwar alledged scandal.  Personally, I thought that that was a backfire move; throw in sensational issue to get vote? Oh please, the rakyat is not so dumb to simply believe what’s sensational.  I wonder, the nation is to go through election again today, will the Opposition really take over the government?  I didn’t vote during the last general election, but if one to be called now, I would go back and cast my vote.  I know who I’m voting for.

Economically, it’s bad.  The rakyat knows, that the world is going through a rough economic road, but it i dampened in Malaysia simply because of the black gold- the domestic price is not affected by the international rising price.  But once the government denied that of the rakyat, what other reason to vote the ruling party back in?  Funds to most if not all sectors from education to healthcare to business sector, most if not all are mishandled.  The rakyat knows it, because we are the end user.  Education is not up to standard (don’t you remember, our beloved UM has drop out of top 200 recently… well, at least we are in top 500 ranking…).  Road repairworks are terrible ( don’t you remember, it takes a member of rakyat to repair pothole in JB to get a spark of nationwide attention) And how many times have we heard of shabby works, even the parliament building is not spared…  The rakyat are questioning, the ruling party has been in power for so long, but the general public is not getting any better.  Things are getting more expensive.  We are expected to cycle to work and use only one lightbulb per household.  That’s not a sign of progress at all.  Somethng is very wrong.  The country does not have enough fund to make the country a better place to live in compared to last year, or last 2 years, or last 10 years?  then what the hell are we working for and paying taxes?

Socially, we are no where.  From the time we are ‘independent’, the racial line has always been there, and redrawn, and demarcated.  There is a quota system in place, be it in education, in the government sector, in the army force, even in the private sector.  Though it is not as apparent as confining seating arrangement in coffeeshops, it is glaring enough, and the rakyat knows it.  Who put in place all those restriction?  Why are we still using the term bumiputera and non-bumiputera?  Why do we need to indicate our race when we fill forms?  Are we less Malaysian if we are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, whatever?  Of course we are, for we are ‘trained’ to believe so.  I’m ok if we are not unified to have a bangsa Malaysia, for I am readily accepting diversity.  But to define my nationality and my rights based on race, that’s unfair and downright racism.  I’m born a Malaysian, I am Malaysian.  And yet, we are always told, we are living in harmony and we are together.  And yet, come election, we have political parties based on race, we heard speeches with racial tone, we hear serious racial remarks made by high level people.

So, what is there to celebrate this Merdeka day, when even the real age is debatable?  I still choose to celebrate, not Malaysia, not the ‘racial harmony’ with all those ‘racial dances and performances’, not Malaysia’s tangible progress; I’m celebrating us ‘rakyat’.  We have seen how Malaysia is shaped, and it’s out-of-shape now.  I’ve seen how we’ve learnt about each other of different races, religion and background, and we are still learning.  I’ve seen how we have matured from the time we have freed ourselves from the British, and now back to being ruled, and we are realizing our choice.  And I’m celebrating exactly that- the rakyat’s choice.  We choose, and we have the right to choose, for ourselves and loved ones, for freedom, for better living for everyone who shares this dream.

Happy Birthday Malaysian…