Christians who like to cite bibles, balik kampung lar~~

I love this clip so so very much, it brings up two things which I really frown upon:

1) bible verse-citing beings
So many a time, verses from bible were held with esteem and brought out of context by some Christians.  I really hate it when they throw all that to my face and expect me to respond the way they wanted to.  The truth is, they kept oh-so-quiet about so many other verses.  Or perhaps, they didn’t even know those degrading verses exist, like women are not suppose to wear man clothing (so the Bible say, woman should never wear pants okay?), etc etc.  And truth is, these people have personal agendas and they are basically hiding behind those verses, saying that the Bible says so… Crap…

2) I’m better than you because I’m a Christian
How many times have you encounter such vibes from Christians in general?  Okay, I shall not speak on behalf of anyone, and that’s not my intention.  That’s just a rhetorical question.  But personal, YES! I’ve encountered so many Christians who ooze those vibe when they learn that I’m not a Christian.  That’s what exactly the lady was thinking, by the way she talks, by the fact that she didn’t even see the courtesy of standing up when the President is in the room when everyone is standing…  So so many times, I’ve gotten this “Oh, so you are not a Christian….Bleah” look.  Ive always brushed that aside.  But from now on, I shall question them right upfront.  In fact, I don’t even need to say it out loud that I’m a non-Christian, as I wear “this-orange-string-thingy-around-my-wrist”.   If anyone dares to give me a degrading look, I’ll ask straight on:   Are you a Christian?  If the answer is Yes, then I’ll just make a comment: You are judging me, and only God can judge.  You think you are God? Romans, 14:1-13


4 Responses to “Christians who like to cite bibles, balik kampung lar~~”

  1. perf Says:

    u sound like an 18 year old kid blogging. grow up!
    read the whole Bible before u blog about it.

  2. perf Says:

    that orange-string-thingy-around-yr wrist is a ticket to hell. Be wise.

  3. bottle Says:

    perf: so enlighten me.
    and your second comment, if you are a christian, that remark is your ticket to hell. we’ll meet there then.

  4. As expected… « that bottle called Says:

    […] that bottle called cheers!! « Christians who like to cite bibles, balik kampung lar~~ […]

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