Listening to Yasmin Ahmad expressing her view on 1Malaysia, I can’t help but to think how simple-minded she is.

I guess we all should strieve to think along that line.

Anyway… having been away from Malaysia for quite some time, though I’ve occasionally visited KL and went back to my hometown as well, I’m wondering, how are Rakyat Malaysia taking all that is happening in Malaysia in.  The rise of opposition party triggered Mr Lee to pay a visit to the neighbour country of the north, the death of opposition party member triggered emotional opinions, the last few general elections and ‘sub’ elections, the economic downturn,etc… what are the Rakyat’s opinion?

My occasional trips back to Malaysia, tells me that things haven’t really changed that much, at least on social levels, but I’m just wondering, if my observation is really that true.  Are we Malay, Chinese, Indian, and others living together in harmony?  What kind of prejudice still exist?  Is May 13th 1964 a distance memory, or are we still running the risk of the incident of that past happening?

Najib brought upon the idea of 1Malaysia, but the thing is, until now, I don’t know, what is 1Malaysia is all about, what does it encompass, how is it to be executed, what’s promised, what’s the principle message to Rakyat, etc… in short, what is 1Malaysia?

Yasmin Ahmad expressed her view, that it’s about all the different cultures and races, all of us, embracing the differences…. hmmm, so, how have we scored at doing that?

Since Independence, how have things improved, especially at social level? Are we appreciating each other, or are we just compromising each other, or are we only tolerating?


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