Since cannot make babies, then go to work!

People in Spore are treated like things- engines, products, baby-making machines.  Nothing new lar…  Previously, Sporeans are asked to ‘fall in love’ with same kind.  Then now, because birth rate did not improve, the people are being herded back to 5 1/2 day or 6 day work week.  What competitiveness? What productivity?  Spore has become one of the top nation in this region.  And with that, comes with a expensive tag.  Spore lose out to international companies not because of the work ethics, or that Sporean play hard…  It’s because there are cheaper options around.  Come on lar… you think business look ar work ethics and quality mer? That’s secondary.  The main thing is: production has to be cheap cheap cheap.  That’s why US is losing to India and China.  That’s why manufacturing companies are moving out of Singapore and to other countries in the region.

And also, Spore baby-making scheme is not exactly fantastic.  Try comparing to some scheme implemented in Europe lo.

 Procreation ‘not our forte,’ says Singapore MP

A Singapore lawmaker has a simple explanation for the city-state’s lack of babies: procreation, he says, is “not our forte.”

Loo Choon Yong also suggested that because more free time did not necessarily result in more babies, people should work on Saturdays, a report in The Straits Times said.

“We should accept that as a people, our procreation talent is not our forte — nothing to crow about,” Loo told the legislature on Wednesday.

The government announced last year that it would double spending on incentives to address a baby shortage that threatens the city-state’s future.

Previous efforts by authorities in the fast-paced, money-oriented and high-stress society failed to significantly raise the number of children.

Government figures say Singapore had a fertility rate of 1.29 babies per woman in 2007, well below the 2.1 children per woman needed for the population to replace itself naturally.

While failing to boost the population, working only five days a week may also have affected Singapore’s work ethic, the report quoted Loo as saying.

“I urge the government to take steps to determine whether our productivity and competitiveness have been affected by the five-day week,” he said.

Most companies in Singapore work five days a week.

“I have nothing against our young Singaporeans having fun and partying. But I hope they will work as hard as they play,” the MP was quoted as saying.

Loo was back in parliament on Thursday and could not be reached.



One Response to “Since cannot make babies, then go to work!”

  1. JustinKC Says:

    Hmmm how nice it is if in malaysia, gov set the law to work five days a week as well rite? Not to say about baby making scheme in Malaysia, free sex had been over the limit here. Gov gotta do something as well =)

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