Tourist jumps when they saw the bill at Newton Circus hawker centre

This piece of incident, really begs me to blog here lor…

If you haven’t heard, here’s the gist:  Some silly angmo went to Newton hawker centre, ordered some seafood, and the bill comes back SGD491.  Obviously, they can’t believe their eyes and they complained, successfully.  The stall owner kena license suspended.

My opinion?  If you are angmoh, doesn’t matter if you a dumb-blonde, a himbo or have never travelled much, come to Singapore.  Shop, eat and do whatever you want and if things doesn’t go your way, go ahead and complain and make noise.  Chances are, you’ll win!

Just like the angmo who ‘dined’ at non-air conditioning with no table-cloth, and no personal waitress asking you if you want wine to go along with your meal, if you think the price is extravagant, even if you didn’t care to find out beforehand how much your meal would cost, just go ahead and complain.  Unlike Singaporeans, your complain will be taken into utmost consideration and something will be done.

Like any countries in the world, there are many many tourist trap.  It takes SGD25 just to take the escalator up the Eiffel tower, SGD245 for an hour gondola ride in Venice and a family of four would have to pay SGD186 for a walk in Madame Tussauds in London.  You see, those places are iconic to the countries.  Food is considered iconic to Singapore, and thus, expect to pay to eat in Singapore.  Unlike the Eiffel tower or Madame Tussaud in London, you have not much choice as those are one of its kinds around.  Food however, you have a choice.  If the food doesn’t look appealing, just walk away.  If it’s too pricey, just walk away.  But, if you an angmo tourist, just go ahead and order all you want.  Even if you’ve been told it’s SGD8 per 100g for the prawn, and you just too lazy to do some calculation in your head, and you just too arrogant perhaps to ask precisely how much your food weigh and how much the total cost would roughly be, and you went ahead and ordered 8 big prawns and other seafood dishes as well, jsut go ahead and order.  If you think the price is too much even if it’s because you didn’t got yourselves clear of the total price, it’s okay… this is Singapore, you can complain and your complain will be acted upon.

In any case, here’s my last words.  It’s a free market.  Make sound decision and ask properly before purchase.  If you act as dumb arrogant tourist, be prepared for the consequences.  Newton is a tourist trap, any tourist who doesn’t know about this, has obviously not done his research on Singapore.


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