Me just wondering out loud, since there’s all those talk about fatwa lah, banning yoga and lipstick lah, alcohol sales lah, etc etc… are these haram?

1) Can Muslim eat vegetarian mock pork?

2) Can Muslim drink non-alcoholic beer?


5 Responses to “Haram?”

  1. Sham Says:

    depending on the schools of thoughts; when it comes to 1 & 2, which im assuming are those you can find easily in vegetarian outlets; the school im in, which is the shafi’e, will most probably say that it is a makruh.

    background info: there 3 classes which muslims should abide, the halal, haram and makruh category. halal=permitted, haram=forbidden, makruh=permitted but highly discouraged.

    so makruh pertains to the grey areas, like smoking, taking alcohol for the sake of health, working in outlets which sells haram items in the absence of any other jobs.

    therefore, when it comes to vegetarian mock pork or non-alcoholic beer, and divorces, they should come under the makruh category. Permitted but highly discouraged.

    i hope this gives you a good idea. šŸ™‚

  2. bottle Says:

    makruh. another new word and meaning i’ve learnt today. thanks šŸ˜‰

  3. sham Says:

    you’re welcome. thanks for bringing it up too! it is good to voice out thoughts in the pursuit of knowledge. šŸ™‚

  4. basar juraimi Says:

    It is only during these days of IT when bloggers made a hue n cry about the fatwas that is creating the attention. The Fatwa Council has made many fatwas before, like making SMOKING haram in 1994. There was no opposition against it then, in fact the public supported it. But does that stop smokers from smoking?

    Haram is an edict meant only for Muslims. The non Muslims can go ahead and enjoy their pork, beer, cigarettes etc and even yoga. So what’s the fuss?

  5. bottle Says:

    ya, heard about the making smoking haram, so what has happened to that fatwa since then?

    fuss? what fuss? there can be fatwa for anything for all i care. like you’ve mentioned, the non-Muslims can go ahead and enjoy pork, beer, cigarettes and yoga.

    You are so right; with the IT booming, bloggers voicing out their opinions, it’s so difficult, in this case, for the Fatwa Council to issue fatwas without being challenged. Perhaps the Fatwa Council should do something with regard to the development of IT? Do what? Oh, I don’t know and furthermore, I am in no position to suggest.

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