Mas Selamat… my thoughts

So finally, Mas Selamat is captured.

If you are asking who the hell is he?  Read about him here:

Not sure what’s the coverage was in Malaysia, but in the land of the small dot, manyak manyak hoo-haa last year when that fella escaped from detention centre.  Why the hoo-haa?  Imagine, a terrorist who got arrested in Indonesia, then freed, then arrested again, then handed to Singapore and then escaped, only to be captured after about 14 months later in Malaysia.  That man is in his late 40s, and with a limp.  But he managed to escape some detention centre in Singapore.  So the Singapore public was asking, how come? how come? how come?  And the question was not just, how come he escaped, but also how come the immediate actions were not so immediate.  And of course lar, Singapore tried to ‘do its best’, and as a result, so much resources were channelled to hunting the limping guy, from poster printing and mobilization of army personnel…  And the inconvenience caused at immigration, the general public was simply biting their lips and thought to themselves:  We know this is a must, to capture this one terrorist, but going through the immigration is a hassle now… WTF….

When Feb 2009 comes by, articles in newspaper and blogs come by, to remind Singapore about the security lapse.  Truth is, no one really forgot, at least I didn’t… especially with statement like “he is either in Singapore or not Singapore” was made,  i mean, come on, that kinda statement is such an insult to any sane mind.  Ass-covering indeed… Mas Selamat could be found on Venus and that statement would still stand valid…. Gosh!!!

Anyway… questions on the escape were eased, not answered directly.  And with the capture of Mas Selamat, all the parties involved would start waving the ‘victory flag’, that he’s finally captured.  Just read the papers, and you’ll read about how much ‘aid’ and ‘help’ and ‘intelligence’ provided leading to the capture in Malaysia.  I mean, whatever lar…  The truth remains, he escaped in the first place, and that the general public was inconvenienced because of that…

And so, what’s gonna happen next?  There will be extensive reports on Mas Selamat, amidst the AWARE or the swine flu or the economy situation…  You know lar, all the damage control…

But what if, just what if, just what if, Mas Selamat is deported back in Singapore, or in the midst of deporting back to Singapore, Mas Selamat escapes again!!!  Such unthinkable situation right?  But he’s Mas Selamat, and he’s a proven escape artist.  So let’s just assume, he manages to escape, even if it means that he’s captured within an hour…  I dunno about you, but I’ll certainly be shaking my head…

Once, is a mistake, twice, we are made a fool…

My advice, there’s certainly no room for mistake at all… at all…  at all!

Kudos on the capture, now to address the inconvenience and to rectify all the actions that lead to the capture…..


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