That old fart…

It’s this asshole again lor..

That ‘super’ ‘righteous’ old fart just got into office…

It’s 9:41 lor…

And how dare he tell me that I’m constantly late.  He even dare to say it to my face about 2 months back, and I found out that he also went and asked my other colleague what time I start work.

Luckily, that colleague is on neutral ground, and said some ppl start work at 8, some at 8.30, some at 9, some at 9.30… There’s no fixed time.  And she also said that sometimes, I stayed on even after she herself has left, which is normally around 7pm.

That silly old fart… he’s the type with the old mindset that one has to come to work on the dot, then he would leave for lunch on the dot, then he’ll leave for work on the dot…
You know what, that old fart sometimes don’t come back from lunch on the dot.  And that old fart leave work about 1/2 an hour earlier, like yesterday.
This kind of person is the kind you have to look out for.  For me, I don’t care, just as long as I don’t have to talk to him, or work with him.  Besides, his work is crap, no one in the company knows what he’s doing.  And whenever he gives and update, everyone knows he has no substance to show.  Try to hide this and that and create some kind of mysterious enigma, by using profound analogy.  Please lar! I’m not impressed by all that mambo jumbo…

And he’s the senior manager summore… Yup, you guess it right too, I’m in the public service sector.  And you’ll find that kind of people.  And yup, I curse him everyday.  He’s fat with a balloon belly ready to give birth, he’s ugly, he talks with foul air, he smiles like a hamsup uncle, he’s a despise, he’s a bigot with a bitterguord up his ass.


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