Afternoon tea


Sipping his tea on the rain-approaching late afternoon, A1 remarked after hearing the news, “Bloggers are just opportunist some times.  They just jumped into writing all kinds when they know just a little piece of information.”

“But he has gone to the police this time round,” said a stammering N1.

“All the better.” A1 looked into the distance, trying to predict when the rain will arrive.  “I bet, what he told the police is what we already knew.  Speaking of which, my good news have arrived.  A2, tell me you have that for me.”

A2 had just stepped into the verandah.  “I still don’t like the plan.”  A2 took a seat across A1 and poured himself a cup of tea.  “How could I be the leader with a tarnished name?”

“Again, I must say, that position is up to you two to fight it over.  I’m just the transient.  And now, you two are on equal ground.”

“Thanks alot,” N2 sarcastic remark was followed by eye-rolling from A2.

“You two mustn’t forget, how you got to where you are.”

“Things could have been much simpler.” A2 took a cracker. “I could have been in your position by now.”

“Arrr… Then things wouldn’t have been so interesting, would it?  in any case, this golden seat is up for grab again.”  N2 thought, and why wouldn’t A1 want to remain in that seat if he regarded it as golden?  A1 continued, “I have never wanted this seat.  I rather be in the background.  And taking things easy, and be able to sip tea every day at 3pm.  But you, A2, my love, took the wrong step 10 years ago.  For that mistake, you have bring upon yourself the competition with our dear friend here.”

“I still can’t believe it that M1 would put me in that spotlight back then.  And you still refused to tell me how you deflected and not involved in the case.”

A1 wisely said, “I have my ways, I have my ways.”

N2 said, “And your ways are costing us alot of money.  That PI’s demand for 5 star hotel at Timbuktu with his families is hurting my bank account.”

A2 agreed.  “And hiding that employee of mine is not an easy task too.”

A1 smiled.  “And you two are on even ground now.  A2, when you came to me about your ambition of taking over from M1, I’ve told you to be careful.  And you’ve paid your dues.  And when you tried to go behind my back, this is your due.  Luckily I love you, else you would have been gone.  And N2, don’t you for a second think that I don’t know what you’d in mind, and what happened to the model, that’s your due.”

A2 and A2 grinned.  “So what’s next?”

A1 continued, “When my name is cleared, yours will too.  It’s unfortunate that I have to play the demure card.  The people will not like me, but they won’t dislike me too at the end of the day.  And I can continue on having my afternoon tea.”

“With M1 continue on talking to the press, you won’t have your peace.”

“M1 is just an old hag, bitter over how his plan didn’t turn out the way he wanted.  He realized his mistake back then far too late when he handed over this golden seat to me.  And now, he simply bitter that he’s not invited to tea.  He can say all he wants, he’s never our problem to begin with.”

A2 leaned over and gave A1 a kiss.  N2 disgusted.  “You two should get a room.”

“Snap out of it.  We are in the modern century.  Accept us as who we are.” A2 sticked out his tongue to N2.

“Just let the people talked.  They love all these sensational news, “A1 continued talking.  “And when the time is right, I’ll let the police know that everything would be okay.”

“And when’s that?” A2 and N2 asked in unison.

“After I’ve dealt with K1.  And we’ll be back on our original plan: A2 being PM, N2 being president of this party I long have detached myself.”

And the rain begins to pour.


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