RM2.70 now

Overnight, the hornet’s nest was stirred kau kau.

Let’s put it this way:
When the price went up to RM1.92, we Malaysians were complaining.  But we generally still accept that as bearable.  We took that down, a little bitter, but ok… it’s fine.

05 June 2008.  The govt decided to smack us all with a 41% increase of oil price.  We can’t sit still now.  We are angry.  Overnight, the price went up, and overnight, we have all become mob.

And we are not requesting or asking or merely putting the question on the table, we are demanding answers now:

1) We should compare ourselves with other oil-producing countries.  Even without this latest fuel hike, fuel for domestic consumption in Malaysia is one of the highest.  Furthermore, we are net exporter.  Where are all the $$ from oil-exporting, given the high price now?  We demand for Petronas accounts. 

2) Ok, you want to compare to countries in the region.  Let’s just take a look at Singapore.  The price in Singapore is SGD2.16.  The price in Malaysia is now RM2.70.  Dollar-to-dollar, the average Malaysian Joe who earns 2k would pay at least 50cent more for petrol.  Let’s look at the vehicle now.  In Malaysia, a Toyota Altis would cost RM110k, there about (yes? no?), and in Singapore SGD65k.  Everything else being equal (both countries pay for parking, pay for toll, pay for road tax, and so on.), will car price in Malaysia drop?  And please, do not use any Proton car for comparison with any other car brand.  It’s like comparing taugeh and strawberry…

3) And why Independent Power Producers (IPP) are spared?  The government had PPA, contractually binded?  Well, a promise was made to the rakyat, that no fuel hike until Aug 08.  That’s also a contract.  I’m sure that was reported somewhere in the papers or news.

What could have been, is this:

1) No subsidy for foreign cars.  Petrol subsidy should be reserved for rakyat Malaysia who has Malaysian plated car only.

2) Subsidy cut for big and expensive car owners.  Those who can afford SUVs and luxury cars are able to pay for oil at ‘international market rate’.  If not, don’t buy big cars.

3) IPPs should not be spared.  Period.

BN, losing so many seats at the last election should have served as a wake up call that the rakyat knows what you guys have done, what you guys are doing, or not doing, and that is serving the rakyat well and fair.  And the rakyat is saying: Stop all that.  Stop all those corruption, stop burning rakyat’s money, stop all the nonsense; start making rakyat’s lives better.  But you were voted back into power this time round, because you were given a second chance, and there isn’t gonna be a second chance the next time round.

BN, do come clean with this latest petrol price hike.  Be honest and lay down the TRUE facts.

As for me, I had enough.  The last election, I did not vote as I was oversea.  But for the next election, I know who I’m going to vote for now…  But still, BN, do come clean with this latest petrol price hike.  Be honest and lay down the TRUE facts.  I would want to think that the rest of the rakyat Malaysia would STILL want to give you a second chance for the next election.


One Response to “RM2.70 now”

  1. Sean Brown Says:

    Very informative, is there an
    alternative to gas car
    can you really run your car on water

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