One entry per month

Since Aug 07, I’ve been posting one entry per month.  It’s not that there’s nothing interesting happening in my life, it’s not that I’m dead ( :p ), but simply that I’m busy with work most of the time.

When I got back, all I can think of is rotting in front of the TV, watching everything from comedy to soap opera.  Weekends spent mostly on sleep, and sleep, and more sleep.  My loved one also feeling the pressure, sometimes couldn’t bear to see me with all the streessss, sometimes telling me I should spend more time on the relationship.

Anyway, anyhow, Sept 07 I made an entry that I would want to quit my current job.  You know what, I AM quitting.  MUAHAHAHAH…  Come Monday, I hope to throw in my resignation letter.  Today, gonna speak to my boss and hopefully everything goes well.  And you know what, I’ve yet to secure a job!  Yup, I’ve plunging myself in the deepest darkest end of the working (soon to be non-working) joker.  I’ll continue to look for job, but if I can’t find one for a long while, I’ll take it as a long vacation.

Let’s see how things go.  Off to meeting now…


One Response to “One entry per month”

  1. angel Says:

    If only I’m as brave as you… sigh!

    Anyway, good luck!

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