Beer in the morning

I can’t believe it but I’m having beer this morning before going to work.  All the stress and pressure from work really drive me doing things I’m not suppose to.

Though the $$ is pretty decent, and my colleagues are pretty alright, that does not mean my job is good.  I’m currently on a project which would last for the next 21 months.  That’s almost 2 years before completion.  And it has been given me problem since day one, which was since I started work.  I’ve feedbacked to the management but seems like there’s nothing is done.  TAKE ME OFF THE PROJECT! Perhaps I should scream that at them instead of being subtle.


So I’m flipping the classified again.  Hopefully can find something good by end of the year after I got my 13th month bonus.  That is unless that stupid project is taken off my back.  Dear management, find someone more senior to handle the job please…  I’m not up to it.


2 Responses to “Beer in the morning”

  1. angel Says:

    Oi… persevere laa… tsk tsk…

  2. Gallivanter Says:

    Yowza…go take up “tai chi”, it’s the Malaysian way of “frying kueh teow” when it comes to delegating and designating work… 😛

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