Happy Birthday Singapore

So, Singapore celebrated her 42nd birthday.
And I’m in my generous mood. So here’s a contest.

This is a photo I took, which I consider pretty iconic and represents Singapore alot- HDB flat, with Singapore flags during National Day.


So here’s the question: How many Singapore flags can you see in the photo?

Email me (that.bottle at gmail dot com) your answer, together with your mailing address, with the subject header: National Day Contest by thebottle.
If you are first to email me with the correct number, you’ll win SGD42. 🙂

Click on the photo for the original size, and the contest ends 1 week from this entry’s date-stamp. This contest is open to you all residing in Singapore and Malaysia only.



5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Singapore”

  1. angel Says:

    Oi… can’t load the pic laaaa… yeee… dowan to let ppl count the flags wan… 😛

  2. bottle Says:

    can le…

    else, here’s the direct link:

  3. angel Says:

    i really cannot access it ler… sien… there goes my $42….

  4. bottle Says:

    contest closed.
    there is no winner. thanks for participating

  5. angel Says:

    Now oni I can see the pic… 😦

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