One Last Dance suxxx big time

Here, the official website

I’ve watched it and my verdict: what a damn pretentious film.

There’s a thin line between being stylish (think In The Mood For Love, Lock Stock, Trainspotting, Fight Club, Run Lora Run, Amelie, etc) and pretentious.  This film is just pretentious.

Character development is close to zero.  You simply don’t understand any of the characters.  The policeman, you don’t know why he become who he is, so is the killer, or the kidnappers, or the Mafia.  Everyone is unknown.  This is different from being mysterious, as I didn’t care at all to understand any of them.  And the waitress?  She’s just a superficial character, having ‘so-called’ dark dirty past, which is not all that clear until the word ‘whore’ was muttered.  And when she got raped, she bled?  What kinda ex-whore is that?

And you don’t really get the point of the film.  Sone films maybe mundane, but you get the point, like HHH’s film which aim to showcase everyday’s lives.  Anderson’s Magnolia showcases all the little things that can go wrong and makes whatever matters doesn’ matter anymore, aka breaking down and picking up.

This film is not just mundane ler… It really makes you wonder what’s the point.  Blair Witch Project, if you understand that film, it’s meant to be part of a larger project- and the film is shrouded with horror for the fact that it really play on the idea of being reallll….

And i think this film is simply just confusing as well… Dead ppl appears again as extras… WTF.  Maybe I got the idea wrong, so tell me why all the dead guys appear again in the negotiation scene with the ang mo…

And talking about the ang mo, his acting is the best of all.  The rest are just crap.  And how can this be considered a Sporean film?  Just because it was shot in Spore?  Just because it got some fund from Spore?  Just because it has a few Sporean faces appear in non-prominent ways?  Fine…

If you ask me, I’m giving this film -2 out of 5 stars.  Time and money wasted.  I just can’t believe that it got to Sundance.  Now, there’s a difference whether it entered competition or not, but if it did as a competitor, I’m pretty sure it won’t win.  I bet my dick on that…


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