So what did I do on Christmas eve?

So how did I spend my christmas eve?

Can you believe it, I was cleaning my toilet!

It’s not a sad thing.  I was supposed to be with some friends, hanging out.  But everyone came to the concencus to stay home.  Multiple reasons for that:

1) Don’t know where to go- everywhere’s crowded.

2) Don’t know what to do- all the partying, clubbing, holding private parties… been there, done that.

3) Going out is expensive- my kakis are all working now, so everyone has a better sense of money.

So at the end of the day, we all decided to stay home and… well, MSN each other.  I bought some drinks and got a bit drunk.  My friends too, and we were all drunk MSN-ing each other.

And yes, I cleaned the toilet.

It’s a good thing.  First time, I woke up on Christmas day, happy to have a clean toilet.  Pee also happier.

Had it before, woke up with bad headache and all tired coz of the heavy booze and whole night dancing.  And a few occasions, my toilet smells of vomit.

So what now on Christmas day?  Gonna sms some people, wishing them Merry Christmas.  Gonna go have a good lunch.  By good lunch, it means having good food, and not expensive food.  Then need to iron clothes as tomorrow is a working day.

Oh! I’m turning into boring old working man. Muahahahah…

Merry Christmas to all!!


4 Responses to “So what did I do on Christmas eve?”

  1. bomberchia Says:

    merry christmas thatbottle!

  2. angel Says:

    i waited for your sms which never came… 😦

    merry botolmas! 😉

  3. bottle Says:

    don’t think i have your number rite, angel?

    but in any case, it takes much much more than christmas to meet…hahahah
    u noe my policy of not meeting up, but still….

    Merry Christmas to you! hope you had fun in Singapore 🙂

  4. angel Says:

    haha! just testing! 😛

    u got policy? how cum i didn’t know?

    Yes, Feliz Navidad! I had (wet) fun in Sg! 😉

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