New Year contest

OK…. Before 2006 comes to an end, I’m gonna give out the second gift– New Year present!

Now, I don’t know if I’m mention before, but I have great love for films. So much so, that this time round, this contest will feature what I consider one of the greatest films I’ve ever watched…

Just tell me, what film these screenshots below are from:


The prize? SGD50.

This competition opens to BLOGGERS of Malaysia and Singapore only. The first fella who email me the correct answer AND your address AND your blog url at will win.  If somehow, your email end up in my spam basket, all I can say is, too bad, so sad, coz I trash my spams all the time without any consideration…

Again, I’ll be mailing the cash over. So there’s always a risk of the prize money not getting through, don’t hold me responsible for that.

This time round, I’ll release the name of the winner, and his/ her blog url after the contest ends.  And of course, there’s a chance where no one knows the answer.

This contest will run till 31/12/06.


3 Responses to “New Year contest”

  1. DK Says:

    Got any hints? 😛

  2. bottle Says:

    of course not :p

  3. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Merry Xmas Bottle. 🙂

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