Sixth seal banned?

Wait! Is Sixthseal banned in Singapore?  Can’t seem to access ler…


60 Responses to “Sixth seal banned?”

  1. anon Says:

    probably down. i cannot access it from usa too

  2. j Says:

    its been down for a while now.. worrying

  3. std Says:

    yes, is down and gone forever

  4. al Says:

    so what happened to ol’ poh huai bin did he just decide that was it or was he arrested or what

  5. auir Says:

    Anyone have any update on

  6. djlinquente Says:

    yeah, i’ve been trying to access it from brazil, too and nothing ever happen. what the hell happened to HB?

  7. ZS Says:

    Yeah his site has been down for a few weeks now. Anyone have his mobile phone#, I’ll call him up.

    Only number I found is his Sibu residence: +60.16XXXXXXX
    and there’s no response from that one.

    bottle: hate to do this, but i got to censor out the number.

  8. william Says:

    I cannot access it in the uk also.

  9. Anon Says:

    Dear Concerned Readers,

    PHB is OK, alive and well in Sibu, with his parents.

    He has just joined a timber-based company in Sibu and hopefully, everything will turn out fine for him.

  10. Tio Jio Says:

    i miss sixthseal so much.

    guess we will just hav to find another blog to read eh

  11. Ricky Says:

    Al and Anon are the same people. Al—-Anon. Get it? I think its Po.

  12. CanadianBrat Says:

    God I miss him and his unique style of writing. Stumbled upon him searching for recipes from Malaysia. Was hooked from the moment I laid eyes on his blog.
    Any1 actually speak with him in the last month?
    Bottle, thanks for at least *something* about sixthseal!
    For those experiencing withdrawels, i have a pile of pics on my site:

  13. stalemate Says:

    SIXTHSEAL was a grt site. read for yrs!
    And just when i needed to look up advice,
    & now i cant SUX!.

  14. Shawn Says:

    Sixthseal was my fav. blog evar!!.. read it from the first post to the last. 😦

    What is a “timber-based company”?

  15. Anon Says:

    To Shawn

    The company concerned is involved in timber extraction, processing logs into plywood, particleboard, sawn timber, moulding, etc. It is listed on the Malaysian stock exchange and is majority-owned by the richest timber tycoon in Malaysia (one of the 10 richest man in Malaysia). This should be enough for Malaysian to narrow down the company where PHB is working now.

    His father who has retired as a school principal is working in the same company and it was him who brought PHB in. The father really loves him, broken and sad to his beloved son like that when he was in working in Kuching.

    Let’s us all wish PHB well and hopefully, when he recovers, his blog will be up again.

  16. mechaums Says:

    then that could be Shin Yang or Rimbunan Hijau


  17. Anon Says:

    To Mechaums

    You are very close…..

  18. Paul Ling Says:

    PHB is fine actually. I worked with him in the same company and we are about to become colleagues in the same department soon. I read his blog before (but the last time was January last year) and I felt that it was a fine site, just maybe too controversial for our local authorities. I have signed the online petition for him to continue his blog. I’ll try to pass the message to him and hope he will continue to enlighten us with his unique outlook on life.

  19. Jack Says:

    It’s Rimbunan Hijau (RH) for sure. Now even have RH Hotel in Sibu. Feel free to visit Sibu!

  20. Shawn Says:


    Is the petition still available?

  21. WEEN Says:


  22. Anon Says:

    To Paul Ling: Where has PHB disappeared this last few days? In the hospital again?

    To Jack: RH is so big. Within the group, there are Jaya Tiasa, Subur Tiasa, Sin Chew, etc.

  23. Found Blog Says:

    Hi all… I think I have found PHB’s new blog.

  24. Anon Says:

    Glad that he is back, as Fire Element…., but sad to say that he has not been seen at RH Head Office in Sibu for many weeks now. He joined the Company in such hush-hush manner … and left without saying goodbye to his fans at RH. Fans who idolise him but whom he does not know were left wondering where he went. Fans who were waiting for the opportunities to get to know him better were now left without their dreams fulfilled.

    From his posts, it looks like he is no longer in Sibu.

    Paul, your picture appears in his post on “Shimizu Sakura review”… You are one lucky fellow to have your picture taken with him … and have it posted on his blog. You must have felt very proud to be one of a handful of fans who was fortunate to know where he was at a time when everybody was asking where he had disappeared … and you were even more fortunate in that you got to befriend and work with him during his stay at RH. Did he know that you were a fan? Is he coming back to RH?

    Tell Miss Lee that she is one lucky gal, being the first to be mentioned on XX Chromosome in Fire Element.

  25. blank Says:

    I cant seem to access fireelement, I hope we see the return of PHB! He is missed…

  26. Anon Says:

    Fire Element has vanished, after being on-line for barely two months!!


  27. shaneor Says:

    hey i cant get in2 his new site, any sumone email me and let me know wots goin on? very annoying…

    kingkipper @ gmail . com

    bottle: hi shaneor. i’ve edited ur email address so as to prevent spamming

  28. Alex Says:

    shud be at Rh, coz his dad’s workin there i think. i got his new website from an ex-teachr of mine… well seems its not workin. will.. start… manhunt when im back in sibu. lol

  29. pohfan2000 Says:

    If anyone hears anything about HB email me at djb_83 @ hotmail . com please!!!

  30. Erin Says:

    Wow.. I sort of despise blogs/myspaces etc but a few years ago I got completely hooked on sixthseal for awhile (actually looking up valium overdoses for my medical papers of all things). I was googling to see what he was still up to (and whether he was still alive). He had such a unique style.. and could even make microwavable meals look interesting. Keep safe crazy boy.

  31. mike j Says:

    I was a huge poster on for years. I wonder where it went. Comeback HB. even if you don’t wana write about drugs anymore. I understand. Auctually I stopped taking drugs recently as well.

  32. Lev Lumen Says:

    Same here too, if anyone of you got any news, please be so kind to inform me under levlumen at yahoo . de

  33. L Says:

    HB is alright and doing fine. No worries!

  34. WSJ Says:

    I KILLED PHB hahaha !!!!

  35. Myst3 Says:

    where is he???

  36. oddlola Says:

    I was in Kuching four days back and thought of sixthseal and found him no longer online. I guessed I am slow in receiving news 😦

  37. Richard Says:

    I know Huai bin

    He came to the drug rehab I was in.

    He wanted to change

    He didnt make it

    From one recovering addict to the rest of the world who supports this: Wait till you’ve lost everything you love , then tell me wheter it ws all worth it

    Huai Bin initially showed that he wanted to make ammends for all the pan he caused his dad.

    His repentance lasted three days

    Huai Bin if you’re reading this, I’m sorry but you still havent got your priorities straight.
    You told me you loved your dad and thats why you came to the centre.

    Obviously you love him very much …!!!!

    I do pray that you wise up soon before you lose it all like i did once.

    I see myself in you… was fun, yes , I’ll admit that but it will turn into a living hell soon enough.

    No amount of degrees or brains or smart thinking is gonna save you from the hole you’re going to fall into. Then again, its just my take on this

    I do hope that you wise up and realise that drugs will just ruin you. it ruined my life and now i am paying for it everyday

    But I thank out Good Lord that I have been gic=ven a secong chance in life.

    Just how much do you love your Father, family…your self


  38. Jake Says:

    Let’s say sixthseal helped me through a difficult time in my life. “Meth addiction” hope all is well and good luck to all.

  39. Crash Says:

    (Retuers) “Malaysian police have arrested a woman in connection with the murder of a man whose body was chopped into 11 pieces and stuffed into a refrigerator in a posh apartment in the capital.

    The remains were discovered in black bin bags when a man who bought the apartment at a bank auction went to clean the unit, which had been vacant for more than three months.”

    Could this be HB? The timing’s about right. I know it probably isn’t, but what a way to go, eh?

  40. ZS Says:

    HB is in a rehab program now, I think he said it’s a two-year program with home leave every six months.

    At least this is what he said in a comment he posted on fireelement, not long before it went offline…

  41. Crash Says:

    He did say that, but then he apparently went for only three days before bailing out. Check out on the Wayback Machine for April 8 (Click my name for a link to the Wayback entry).

    The latest entries seemed to indicate he was back to his regular ways (for better or worse) and then it all just stopped. One would think that the site would stay up on its own (albeit without new content) even if HB were unavailable?

    HB, if you’re out there, let us know what’s up! If you’re giving up blogging forever, at least give us a signoff post OK?

  42. K Says:

    If anyone has got a domain and a few gbs available, we could get the contents of and castitas back o0nline. Whoever wants to be webmaster, please reply.

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Nah, I think there was an entry after that one that said he was going back to rehab. Shortly after that the site disappeared (as someone pointed out, he must have taken it down himself).

  44. Roshan Says:

    he was just killed by me..GG

  45. DeV|LisH Says:

    K it’s not about the content of the blog. It’s the blogger that we are looking for. I read sixthseal for 2 years and all i can say i would rather read his blog than any other blog. But too bad he’s gone for good. Till this day i’m still hoping that he would be back again. At least i feel his sincerity when we read his post and his ability to capture each and every one of us with his blogging.

  46. Tazz Says:

    Man, Come Back Huai Bin!!!!!

  47. lex Says:

    huai bin is back on sibu streets, my fren saw him at parkson this afternoon

  48. fred Says:

    gee.. never thought that I would be Googling his name again after he started .

    any latest updates on HB? Sibu people, come quick, we manhunt him. Take his pic, show that he is alive.


  49. nobody Says:

    any word? On either PHB or the archive of his blog? did any one end up hosting it?

  50. Adele Says:

    Where is Poh Huai Bin in the web?

  51. fred Says:


    I did some back up of his blog just before they shut it down. But sadly, only partial of it 😦 Not the entire archive.

    but still, HB where are you?

  52. Ben Says:

    you could always use the wayback machine to look at his old blog!

  53. David Says:

    I’ve got some good news. In November 06 I had a feeling that sixthseal might be ending soon so i saved the whole blog from April 02 – November 06. If anyone is interested in putting it back on the web, i can send it to you. Contact me on:

    It would be such a shame to see this masterpiece vanish of the earth.

  54. anon Says:

    Looks like he’s out of rehab now:

  55. Moznico Says:

    Wow, I can remember accessing his webpage back in 2003 and 2004 ablmost daily. At that time he did show and expressed his “opinions” on drug usage. Then I stopped after he said he would like to focus soley on food, recepies, etc. I did too partake in drugs and actually found out how to use and other info. But anyway I loved the site for his humanly touch.

    Welll now im back in college (after 4 yrs) and been clean for 1. Plus i have a wonderful daughter is happy and a healthy 2 year old. But I too will miss the sixthseal…

  56. elvis Says:

    Please put sixthseal back online!!

  57. noname Says:


  58. Veus Says:

    just let him be and get on with his life. he has enough to deal with than to please anyone else. Granted he is a great writer and I thoroughly enjoyed his blog but I just really want to wish him well. All the best HB!

  59. fred Says:

    fuck it guys… He is back.. check

  60. jason teong Says:

    becareful if you stay at rh hotel in sibu rude security guard named louis and will try and flirt with your daughters and wife

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