Pole hogger

I really hate when some asshole decided to hug the pole while travelling in the MRT. The pole is meant to be held, which means that only your palm is in contact with the metal piece. But no… some people love to hug it, lean on it, yup… have sex with the MRT pole. This girl is one that is doing so when it was pretty crowded. Notice how close I was to her? Well, if I ‘accidentally’ touch her then when the MRT stops, please don’t blame me. I did not have a griphold.

The girl was watching some stupid MRT on her handphone, while having her hold body leaning against the pole. That white pale hand, belongs to a heck-care old man who just decided to grab hold of the pole. That’s when she decided to give way a bit, or else she’ll be much closer to the pole than shown in the picture…

Please be considerate asshole…


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