ATM hogger

I don’t understand why some people take so damn long at the ATM.

Fuckingly shit.  This girl for example, was standing at the ATM for so long, her butt is sagging as time passed.

I don’t know what she was doing, maybe transferring important $$ overseas or else her kidnapped boyfriend will get killed.  Or maybe she just love having sex with the the ATM machine.  Is it some kind of attraction towards a money-spitter?  If so, please do it later at night; your kinky stuff of this sort does not interest me…

It’s 6pm or 7pm or some time around that, and do know that it’s peak period where people uses ATM machine.  So please do be considerate.  Do not hog the ATM machine and allow for line forming behind you.


5 Responses to “ATM hogger”

  1. Ridz Says:

    heh, well the atm is used for many other banking purposes so they might really have no choice(can’t go to the bank in the day because of work)…i’ve personally faced that problem…

    but yeah, i hate waiting in line…but then again, don’t we all? heh

  2. DK Says:

    Hmm…. nice butt. lol….

  3. chillycraps Says:

    you call that a girl?! I thought that was Jabba..

    anyway, there are people out there who draw $100 in batches of $20… and they luv to explore the ATM menu as if surfing internet…

  4. Gallivanter Says:

    Perhaps paying her bills and whatnot? I think it’s time to have an express lane ATM, to check for account balance and withdrawal only.

  5. bottle Says:

    that’s why i say, do it doing off-peak hours. your necessary inconvenience should not be at other’s expense

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