Do girls like guys to shave?

I wonder, do girls like their guys have their pubic hair shaved?

I wonder, if there is a preference when you girls give oral…

Because, for me personally, I would want my girl to trim hers.  I don’t want it to be flesh-naked.  I don’t like it, at least for the moment, until perhaps one day I find that kinky.

Because I find a rainforest pretty ticklish when I tongue her up…  and yes, girls, it CAN smell.

So girls, what’s your take?


2 Responses to “Do girls like guys to shave?”

  1. angel Says:

    flesh-naked is sexy 😉 i mean for the girls.

    and yeah, shaven is always better!

  2. david343 Says:

    It’s best to keep it natural. I find girls that remain raw and unshaved very sexy. Sometimes, I find girls with armpit even sexy. It shows that the female has characters.

    And better yet, it doesn’t take long to find the hole in the middle of forest, right ??? And you doesn’t take a manifying glass to do so.

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