In God’s name

I’m not sure how valid my observation is, but here goes:

1) Christians attribute everything in their life to God’s calling

2) Muslims attribute everything to God’s doing

3) Buddhist never really attribute anything to ‘God’

4) I know nothing of Hinduism

Let me explain myself.

Christians whom I met (keywords: whom I met) would say that every decision they make, it’s God’s calling.

“Why are you changing job?”

“I think it’s God’s direction for me.”

“Oh! Getting married so fast?”

“It’s God’s will that we are taking the next step.”

“So you buying that condo instead of the other one you mentioned the other day…”

“Yup, I got the calling.”

Huh?!??!  How come God’s making every decision for you?  But wait… if the decisions ever have some kind of negative air to them, it’s not God, it’s him… and if God’s name is mentioned, it’s all about God testing them.

“Why do you start smoking?”

Never: “God wants me to.”
Most probably: “I’m young and naive.  I’ve yet to find God then.”

“You should never have slapped him.”

Never: “God drives my hand.”
Most probably: “I was impulsive.  But God has made me more calm now…”

Huh?!?! I really don’t understand.  Is it that in Christianity, there’s no such thing as human instinct, rational wise thinking, and all that?  Oh yea, those are for non-Christians only.


2 Responses to “In God’s name”

  1. bomberchia Says:

    those kind of christians are damn shallow and immature. Real christians should not be God’s name all the time. But well, thats your opinion and no one can change it..

  2. Emmanuel Says:

    LOL- You must have either met very few Christians or members of some cult calling themselves Christians, or Christians who love Jerry Falwell very much 😛

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