When colleagues don’t care, and client remains uncontactable, what the fuck!

It was a one-fine-day day, especially since it’s a Friday and that later in the evening, there would be a fun staff function, I suddenly got a call on my handphone.

Now, being a new guy in the office, I’m equally excited and puzzled to get phonecall.  I felt important, as well as wondering who the heck would call a newbie, since i’ve yet to go into full swing in my new job.

“Hello?”  I answered.

“Hi XXX, I’m YYY calling from ZZZ.”

When I heard ZZZ, I knew the caller is a client.

But when this YYY went on, I realized that what he’s talking wasn’t a project that I’m handling, and I have no knowledge of it at all.

I told this YYY that I’m not the one in-charge, but I’ll find out who’s the person-in-charge and will get him to call back.  But this YYY kept on insisting on telling me the reason he called,and so on.  Yes, it’s an urgent matter, but still, it’s of no point telling me, for I know no head nor tail of the project.

He finally gave me his number, a bit annoyed.  But what can I do?  How I wish i can tell him to fuck off, but that wouldn’t be nice of me, would it?

I finally found out who’s in-charge, and when I call that fella, that fella gave me a blank expression, a blank reply, and all that is clean-sheet of blank look.  WTF?!?

He told me, it’s actually a project that was handled by a fella who has left the company.  And he was assigned to it after the guy has left.  I asked the secretary and she told me that the project is closed.

And I’m totally pissed off because:

1) So what if the project is closed?  It does not mean that client won’t call again to clarify something that was not clarified BEFORE the project was closed.  Clients are gundu and stupid, and some times, things occur to them only after awhile, only after a project is closed.  So don’t give me the reason that a project is closed, and no enquiry, be it from client or from anyone else should be entertained.

2)  If you are assigned to the project, you better find out the heads and tails of it.  You should never shut it out just because the actual guy has left, even though you’ve been assigned to take over.  Taking over does not mean closing the project without tying all the loose ends.

3)  And when I finally manage to get all the necessary contacts, the client became uncontactable.  What the hell?!?  Don’t push all the responsibilities to a no-nothing guy.  Even if you are a client, please act with certain intergrity.  I’ve explained the situation, that I’m not the person to be contacted, and when I finally did help you, the client, please remain contactable, when you’ve given me your number.

So I’m stuck in the middle, where my colleague decided to take a dunno-what’s-happening stand, and the client decided to go MIA, and I believe to call me back at the eleventh hour to shout at me how come I didn’t call him back.  So what am I to do?  I decided to take a dunno-what’s-happening stand.  I’ve done all I could, and I’ll leave it as that.

I’ll just email this colleague of mine about the call, and if he didn’t do anything, I don’t want it to be my problem and at least, I have that email to show it to my big boss if he questions.

Whatthehell?!?!?  Asking the new guy to eat the dead cat?  Go and die.


2 Responses to “When colleagues don’t care, and client remains uncontactable, what the fuck!”

  1. angel Says:

    Haha! Kesian… must be very full after eating the dead meow meow 😛

  2. bomberchia Says:

    I really know what you are feeling, espescially when given the cb attitude. Sometimes I just dont understand why is it so difficult to please everyone be it, internal customers or external customers when you have already clearly stated your beliefs and principles. My sympathies being shared with you.

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