When you wear new shirt

Just remember, don’t wear it right out of the plastic.

Many many reasons:

1) The picture says it all; there’s this cardboard inside the collar.  You are bound to forget to remove that and you’ll ‘wear’ that along your journey as you walk pass your neighbours, as you take the lift with strangers, as you ride the MRTs, as you stride into the office and passes your bosses you just right for your boss to call you into the room…

2)  You’ll forget at least one pin.  And that pin is gonna poke you at some of the weirdest places.  And you’ll start to bleed small blood spots on your new shirt.  It’s gonna irritate..

3) And of course, it’s the latest fashion to iron your shirt to create a straight line across your chest, and two vertical ones across your nipple.  and 2 vertical lines at your back, and one horizontal one…  As oppose to deconstruction, I suppose that’s that constuction fashion means.

4) And if you have sensitive skin, you’ll itch the whole day.  Think about it, you put on a shirt that you took out from a plastic bag.  That shirt hasn’t been washed, meaning it’s as good as it is from the shop you bought it.  You don’t know where the salesperson had stacked the shirt, it could b on a floor, where cockroaches could have roamed into your shirt to have a great tour.  The shirt was from the factory.  Chances are, it was treated with some kind of wax-like stuff to give it a forever new look.  And while it’s at the factory, you don’t know where it was stored, or how it was stored.

whatever the case, never wear a new shirt out of the bag.  it’s worse than being spotted with a toupee…


3 Responses to “When you wear new shirt”

  1. angel Says:

    Hahaha! Why didn’t u be kind and tell him? *LOL*

  2. bottle Says:

    don’t think i want to be the one who openly embarass him. let him discover it when he goes to the toilet, where he’s alone. that’s better than he holding onto the cardboard for the rest of the journey…

  3. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Been there, done that! 😉
    Pins hurt when they jab you in the neck too! 🙂

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