Why am I here

When I get into certain mood, I really do get into it, and it’s a damn tiring thing. I was in a depress state once, and it’s a on-off thing. I was in the mood of being asshole too, but not right now.

Right now, I’m in the mood (again..) of wondering why am I here in blogosphere.

For those who follow this blog, you’ll know that once in a while, I question if I should leave this blog alone. I’ve even tried disappearing for about a month to do some self-reflecting, soul-searching, and all that. And now, I’m back in that state and wondering if I should move on, even though it’s not really my time yet. But it doesn’t mean I can’t plan ahead…

I’m back drinking quite a lot nowadays. That’s not really good. One reason for this is my current job. Working in Singapura is not all that fun to tell the truth. That is if you are not earning enough. And especially as a foreigner, companies will try to offer you lower-than-usual wages.

Now, back to ‘planning ahead’, I’m pretty much thinking of leaving the drinking and this blog when I manage to get another job which pay me much better than what I earn right now. One reason for leaving this blog is this question: why am I here?

What do I gain from blogging? The only thing I can think of is, it’s a place to rant. It’s not a place where I felt loved (except for you angel. 😉 ) It’s not a place where I gain popularity. It’s not a place where I can make more money (oh come’on, money is always in a guy’s mind…besides woman and power…) So I was thinking, I can rant elsewhere, like to real person, or to someone in MSN, or whatever. But why blog. So I’m searching now…

I dunno… should I stay, or should I leave blogosphere?

I really dunno.

And no… you don’t have be obliged to comment anything, but something would be nice.

Ok… I’m babbling away. Good night.


2 Responses to “Why am I here”

  1. Cobalt Paladin Says:

    Just do whatever your heart feels like doing. Personally, I feel having a blog is nice. There are times when you don’t feel like telling your deepest feelings to people who know you, so you can blog. Sometimes, when you feel like telling someone some things, everyone seems to be not reachable.

    So, to me, having a blog is still good.

  2. Michael Says:

    Why do you blog? Maybe you are like me, I actually think better when I write. It’s as if a different set of neurons fires off in the brain and I could see posibilities that I never saw when I’m not writing. Strange huh?

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