Record breaking

So, I’ve believe most Malaysian knows about this thing called Malaysian Book of Records, where it gave birth to all those wacky fanatics who have nothing better to do but organize all kinds of events to get into that book.  Malaysians are just obsessed with creating the biggest, the most, the largest, and all the -est.

But do you know that about 2 years back, Singapore has jumped on to this act?  Take a look here.

What makes me wonder is, Singapore Book of Record only started 2 years ago and they have already set up a website for easy access.  And when I google out Malaysian Book of Record, I only got a Cheras address.  Please lar Malaysia, we are in digital age, so get yourself updated lar…

But whatever it is, personally, I think record breaking is fun, especially if it involves a large community.  If I’m not wrong, there was this largest breastfeeding event in the Philippines.  Not fun ar?  All the quirky ideas that people can come up with, it’s just so interesting.  Human are just such interesting beings.


One Response to “Record breaking”

  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    I wanted to go for the World Record Breast Feeding thing … but alas, as a man I just don’t produce enough milk! 🙂

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