A quick one

Just a quick one:

How do elephants have sex?  There’s just something gross about 2 fat blob having intercourse…


2 Responses to “A quick one”

  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Actually, the bull elephant mounts the heffer elephant the same was that a bull mounts a cow. The bull elephant has a very long and flexible … uh … thing, which he can actually move around and stuff.

    Of course, it’s a lot easier than humpback whales, who need to start a couple of kilometers aprt (I think it’s three) and swim as fast as they can towards each other and then LEAP out of the water and do it in mid air. They have a few seconds in order for the male whale to basically HIT his target and shoot his load, as salt water kills the sperm. So, being QUICK for a humpback whale is actually good, [unlike humans, where quick = bad].

    Aren’t you glad you asked the question? 🙂

  2. kervinchong Says:

    Eer yes they do, a simple amorous encounter can be had if you visit zoo negara, the bull elephant there is quite the overcharged sex lover and would mount the female doggy style for as many as 20 times in an hour and believe me their dick is as large as a good sized comforter and bendable at that.

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