I stole a handphone

It takes quite some time, and guts to write this post, but let me just start off with this definition:

steal (stl)
v. stole, (stl) sto·len, (stln) steal·ing, steals
v. tr.

To take (the property of another) without right or permission.

Let’s just exam the definition bit by bit: “to take”,yes, i did just that. “(the property of another)”, yes, the phone does not belong to me. “without right”, i see this is as non-relevant actually, shoot me about this, i don’t care. “or permission”, yes, it’s without permission.  So, I actually took another person’s handphone without permission.  Thus, I stole a handphone.

Up to this phone, you must think I’m all drunk and diving into definition.  Yes, I had some alcohol.  But no, I’m not just diving into definition, I really did steal a handphone.

I’m not going into details on how I got the phone, what I really did,…  except this:  when I decided to take the phone, I shoved it into my underwear, and was walking away when it rang;  I believed the owner was looking for it and had his friend calling his number.  Having my crotch ringing, I took it out right in front of many other shoppers (yes, I stole the handphone in a shopping mall) and frantically search for the OFF button.  And also, I came face to face with the owner- a few times in fact.

And now, as to why.  Actually I don’t know why.  Maybe because it’s one of the latest handphone around.  Perhaps I just wanna teach the owner a lesson.  Perhaps I just wanna feel the thrill of being a thief.

Oh yea I was afraid.  I did not turn it on for weeks, and I finally did and browse through it.  Apparently, it’s ‘previous’ owner only had it recently, as there weren’t many photos, and there’s no security setting done up.

Okay… whatever the case, I just wanna say this, I’m both glad and not so, that I had a phone.  I’m both happy and not happy with what I did. Oh screw it… I’m pretty glad to have a new handphone right now…
– confession of a thief


7 Responses to “I stole a handphone”

  1. She's Jess Says:

    LoL… “having my crotch ringing ”

    So you have a new phone there 🙂

  2. angel Says:

    *whisper whisper*
    So, wot fon model is that? I promise I won’t tell… shhhh… 😉

  3. angel Says:

    btw, aiyoo… yr ping to pps always go to wikipedia wan… liuliu lar… 😛

  4. bottle Says:

    she’s Jess: if ring again, will you help to pick up the call? 😉

    angel: let’s just say, it’s a Walkman phone 😉

  5. She's Jess Says:

    Guess it won’t ring again. I assumed you have actualy throw the simcard away.

    Wow.. walkman phone.. get one for me? :p

  6. bottle Says:

    i still have the sim card with me… just nvr ‘use’ it of course…

    don’t worry… the next time i chance upon another phone, i’ll send to you yea? 😉

  7. She's Jess Says:

    You sure? I’ll mark your word :p

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