Gayle’s out, but should have been Jasmine

Some people really have alot of money to SMS to vote for their idols, to make sure they stay… unnecessarily.

I’m talking about Singapore Idol which is currently being aired on the local TV.

The theme was ‘No. 1 hits’, and most of the contestants gave only so-so performances.  The worst in my opinion is Jasmine rendering of Pearl Harbour’s theme song.  It was horrible horrible horrible.  She was out of tune and very much like what one of the judges mentioned, she’s too small to carry such big song.  Actually, the song is not a powerhouse one, like those by Whitney or Mariah, for God’s sake, it’s just Faith, and at the end of her performance, I lost faith in her…

But whatthehell… it was Gayle who kena kicked out.  I do admit that Gayle’s performance is bad.  But I would prefer to see her back next week as I believe she’s able to deliver.  It was a bad song choice, and it was a pity that Gayle got the boot.

I was smirking away when I see Paul standing there, presumably being in the three-lowest-number-of-votes-gathered group.  You were fun, but right now, you were just irritating.  With your hair and your eyeliner… oh come on, your i-consider-fake-and-surface rock image just won’t carry you far if it’s so 1-dimensional.  So Paul, buck up, and sing…



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