i feel like slamming a blog or two

I’m in my evil mood right now, and I feel like slamming blogs.  So please submit your nominees.

Firstly, it’s because I’m bored.  So, please give me something to read and criticize.

And then, I just feel plain evil.  Shoot me.  Blah!

If you don’t wanna leave the link to the blog in your comment, you can always email me.  Don’t worry, I won’t reveal your nomination wan lar.  Even if you nominate your friends’ your enemies’, even your own blog, I don’t care, and I’ll read, and the one that I have most issue with, I’ll blast that blog.

If I don’t receive any nominee, I’ll just go ahead and bad-mouth one that I pick randomly off PPS.  Who will kena?  The last one that kena was pretty sour about it. (Yes, I’m still talking about you the so-called cute-acting CHIQ, yup, you CHIQ… hahahaha… so damn sour, and also bitter… )


8 Responses to “i feel like slamming a blog or two”

  1. Mary Says:

    Hey, try and see if you have issues on my blog?


  2. lingghezhi Says:

    lets see what ur made of..

  3. lingghezhi Says:

    be gentle now 😛

  4. suanie Says:

    slam me!

  5. chengsim Says:

    no one slam my blog before.


    then again, i dun think u even have the heart to slam me because im so freaking nice.

  6. walski69 Says:

    Slam me by all means… or at least visit 😛

  7. wingz Says:

    slam her slam her!!!

  8. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    I’m still waiting to see you slam someone!!! 🙂

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