Girl fight?

Okay… so I’m a bit late to some across this girl-fighting video.  But let me shamelessly post it here:

Now, let me reveal a deep dark secret, which has long forgotten.  (Note first, this post is subjected to deletion or password-protection)

I have been a victim of bully before.

I’ve to first say, I’m not sure what did that accused girl did or said.  But in my case, this fella got hold of some chalks one day and decided to use it on me instead of the blackboard (I wonder if there’s such a thing as blackboard now…)  I don’t remember how it all started, or how I knew this fella before he incident.  But I remember, one day, on the ride back on the bus, he decided to use the chalk on me- on my back of my shirt, on my pants and so on.  You see, I was this chubby li’l cute fella, whom I suppose could be viewed as someone easily bullied.

But as he kept on doing it, my anger kept building up.  I don’t remember if I let him to keep on ‘drawing’ me using chalk, not did I tell him to stop, nor did I tell him anything.  I don’t remember anything, except that I actually fought back. I got angry and shouted at him that that’s enough, and I used my bag to hit him.  I was crying, and at the end, he was crying too.  We had to be seperated by the bus driver.  You see, we were just primary school kids, and the rest of the kids were just dumbfolded to respond.

My anger, I could not explain, I don’t know where I found such ‘courage’ to stand up.  It was tucked away at some forgotten end of my mind until I saw that Miri Girl fight clip.  I really wonder what I could have done if I was in the Miri ‘victim’ girl position.  As I watch the clip, what runs to my mind was that I would fight back, and in a extremely violent way.  I would have grabbed her long hair, and smashed her head against something hard.  Seriously, I would have.

In all my life, I’ve never allowed anyone to hurt me physically, except perhaps my mom who would use the cane on me.  Anyone who would dare to push my head, be it fellow friends, or even teachers, I can quite certainly say it would be a grave result.  I would say, any physical action on me, which intention to hurt me, to bully me, I’ll go berserk and I can safely say, I won’t have any logical control over myself anymore.  I’ll be an animal.

And that’s what happen during that incident of mine.  I suppose what I did was mild by today’s standard, and the fact that I was still a primary school kid then, my ‘animal instinct’ hasn’t all developed yet.

I consider myself lucky, for I’ve never gotten myself in serious fights before.  And I’m thankful for that.

But if I’m in the Miri ‘victim’ girl, I might just have picked up the knife.  No, seriously…  So, I’m telling you, and begging you… never to bully me in such physical manner.  I’ll for sure to go crazy and everyone will pay the price, and everyone will lose at the end of the day.

Right now, as an adult, I don’t think I’ll ever encounter anyone pushing my head, except if it’s for safety reason when I did not see a beam and someone quickly push my head down to avoid, which to that, I’ll be thankful.

p.s. the kid that I fought back back then?  I never see him again after that, except once I think a many years later.  (God knows, I remember his face till now…)


One Response to “Girl fight?”

  1. angel Says:

    *biting finger nails*

    wooo… animal instincts… i likes… 😛

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