Babies and kids

It’s strange how toddlers like to stare at me.

I don’t think it’s because they think that I’m well, strange-looking, as I’m not getting that kinda vibe.

Neither is that they think I’m the most beautiful thing that they ever see in their world, coz I’m not getting that kinda vibe either.

So I simply cannot explain why, why the hell are babies and kids staring at me. >.<

When I’m in the lift, some stranger kid will just stare at me.  When I’m in the bus, some kids will stare at me.  When I’m standing in a corner, some kid will stare, yes, at me.

I really dunno why.  Do I have gooi stuff on my face?  Did I got myself a milk moustache unknowingly?  Is one of my pimple going to pop soon? What?!

One way to stop those stares, I discovered, is to make a facial twitch, be it a quick wink, or a slip of tongue out, or a forced blink of both eyes.  The kid either turn away or be taken aback by such move.

But they are some kids who keep on staring.  Even when their parents carrying them try to talk to them, they kept on staring on me.  “What’s wrong with this kid?!”  At such early stage, this being has already ignored his parents.  WTF

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I love kids.  I love them to pieces, except for their crying and their inability to control their pooping.  But their drooling is ok.  Their running about and falling is fine.  I love their look with their big round eyes.  I love their botak-ness.  I like kids with half-opened mouth as they concentrate.  I like their confused faces, their true laughs and smiles, their little sausage-like fingers, their most peaceful look when they sleep.  They got the cutest allergy marks, and redness on their neck due to sweat or heat.  It’s amazing how they can start crying and then laugh again in just a matter of seconds.  I like the way they remind me to appreciate the small things in life, some that snail, to the grass flower, from that tadpole to clouds.


Now, stop staring.

DYK: I rarely get stares from adults though.  I would certainly appreciate if more girls stare at me, better still, approach me and exchange introduction. 😉


3 Responses to “Babies and kids”

  1. Yvy Says:

    dont worry, u arent the only one who gets stared at. me n my sis always get it n it really irritates me to the max!! i oso donch know WHY kids like to stare at us….so pretty ka…so ugly??

  2. angel Says:

    OK, I promise I’ll stare at you if we met one day 😉

  3. angel Says:

    uik… yvy was here…
    *waves to yvy* Harrrooo! 🙂

    lil’ botol, so?? donwan me to stare, izit? say so lah!

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