Part two on religion

a short post here…

I think some very educational information can be obtained from those Astro programmes off National Geographic on some of the latest discovery (or is it Discovery channel) related to Christianity, such as Gospel of gasp* Judas, ‘magicians’ during Jesus Christ times and so on.  Fine, the motivation is due to the release of the film Da Vinci Code, but that does not deny the fact and the opinions in those programmes.


One Response to “Part two on religion”

  1. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Well, learning about Christianity from the Gospel of Judas won’t teach you much about Christianity. It’s been proven to have been written over 200 years after Judas died, so it’s fake.

    It will teach you a lot about Gnosticism though, which were the religious group who wrote the Gospel.

    Yeah, they’re trying to promote the Da Vinci Code a lot, mainly as it’s all based on a Hoax perpetrated by a Guy who wanted to lay claim to the French throne. lol

    They were been putting on documentary after documentary to try to discredit Christianity over here too. It had little effect, as most people read the Da Vinci Code reviews and didn’t bother to go see the film! 🙂

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