No chewing gum, soon no smoking

Ok… let me tell you.

After the election, cigarette price was increased ‘a bit’ on this tiny red dot island.  Marlboro cost SGD11 before the election, and now it’s SGD11.20.  Before the election, there’s the budget thing, and it was announced that the government wouldn’t increase cig taxes…  Padahal, now cigarette price has gone up….  What the fuck?!  What’s the deal man?!?  In just a few years’ time, cig price has gone up from SGD5 something to SGD11something… why ar? Singapore earning less now and now has to rely on sin taxes? Is that why one ‘Intergrated Resort’ is not enough, and thus need to build two at one go?

And then, the latest move is to ban smoking from eatery places, including outdoor sitting.  The premises owners however, can apply to have sections for smokers.


Let me tell you ar… in 5 years time, Singapore will be the first country to ban smoking liao.  Or at least make cigarette inaccessible, only for the fuckingly rich and famous…  Don’t be surprised, Singapore has done it before by banning chewing gum, why not cigarette now?

Sure, it’s a good move, it’s a healthy move.  But let’s see it through a different eye: the people has no say, and the gabermann has all the string to pull.  Singaporeans are just mere puppets.  let’s just wait for the next puppetry show then.


4 Responses to “No chewing gum, soon no smoking”

  1. angel Says:

    my dear, your pps ping wrong URL again lar…


    where got this kind of URL wan? -__-“

  2. Bankman Says:

    Increasing sales tax on cigarettes instead of on other products is a good thing. The price increases are in line with some of the world’s more developed countries who perceive a social cost to smoking. Smoking surely will never be illegal. It raises too many tax dollars for the government.

    Btw, you screwed up your link from (added an extra http:// on your link)

  3. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Personally, I think it’s a good thing if they ban cigarettes.
    [I know a lot of smokers will hate me for saying that … but … hey, I’m big enough to wear that!] 🙂

    Anyway, better to live in a healthy society. No second hand smoke to kill the babies [or the rest of us].

  4. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    I probably should add, Australia banned smoking in eateries and restaurants over ten years ago … so, doesn’t mean Singapore will ban smoking altogether in five years. After all, if you are at a restaurant in Australia and want to smoke, you can go outside, have your cigarette and come back inside.

    Same as smoking being banned in the work place in Australia.

    In fact, some of the smokers like it, as they get a break from work. [While the non-smokers have to stay inside and work!] lol

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