World Cup 2006

Everyone still have the energy to keep up with it?  You better be, since we are approaching the final soon.

So how was it so far?

Some games are great, some are just lousy.  Let’s talk bout last night’s games.

England, as far as I’m concerned, played so-so only.  And Rodney should have kept his cool.  And it doesn’t help too that Beckham sustained injury.  Yes, playing with lesser number of man against Portugal may seem like they had a great defence against Portugal, but come on… They know they are not a ‘penalty team’, and true enough, they lost their chance.  Portugal goalkeeper is good.

And of course France played a good game.  The fatman’s team, dunno what they are doing.  The French are going to get hard of the Samba dancers. Why? ZZ is an old man and he certainly wanna exit the World Cup in style and glory.  His determination will extrapolate to the whole team and that’s it.  Brazil might seems like they should have greater determination due to their lost 2 World Cups ago, but their performances in the past few World Cup 2006 matches were nothing near impressive.

I sure hope Brazil won, but the fact is France did, and I’m glad that that’s so, cause I bet on France winning…. hahaha.

So will Italy create some kind of huge upset soon?  Will Portugal somehow be the underdog?  Will Germany has its homeground ‘advantage’ like when they played with Argentina?  Or will France will really win all the way?


7 Responses to “World Cup 2006”

  1. angel Says:

    yo, lil’ botol… your ping to pps punye URL ada mistake ler…

  2. bottle Says:

    that’s the effect of being drunk… sometimes

  3. angel Says:

    LOLOL! u drunk meh?? your post didn’t sound drunk worr… 😛
    it sounded way way WAYYY too sober! 🙂

    hey, hope everything’s going great down there 😉 errr… u know wat i mean, rite? 😛

  4. angel Says:

    btw, i tried to import from Blogger to WP but I failed! damnnn…

  5. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Italy has already caused an upset! lol

    Portugal are underdogs.

    France is looking good, they’ll probably win it. 🙂

    After all my other teams got knocked out [Australia, England, Brazil], I’ve chosen Germany … so they’ll probably get knocked out as well! lol

  6. bottle Says:

    angel: i just follow the instruction from the ppl of wordpress. maybe cause i kept my blogspot ‘clean’ with less interface. LOL

    Dabido: yup. italy has pretty much done that. but imagine the italiano lifting the golden trophy… I was supporting korea and spain. yes, pretty low chance, but if either could have won, i would be so damn happy

  7. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    Spain looked so good at one stage … then crashed and burned. I honestly thought they stood a good chance when they were playing well.

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