drunk lady

i was working late today.  incidentally, today i got my first pay from my new company.  Yeah, for I got $$, and WTF as well, for i’ll be working tomorrow. Damnit…

Anyway… I decided to give myself a treat for dinner and went for Carls Jr.  It was darn good for ‘fast-food’.  The portion- big.  The service- a bit better than most fast food joint.  Me giving Carls Jr. the thumbs up. 🙂

And after that I went to work, which ended around 9 something PM.  I wondered around, and I ended up outside this club near Esplanade Singapore.  I saw this girl, who’s ‘sleeping’ at the reception counter.  Ppl were trying to talk to her, but nothing; she’s apparently overly drunk.  And after awhile, I saw she being dragged, literally, into a car.  It makes me wonder, why ppl really go so drunk?  And I reflected back onto myself- have I been in that state before?  Hell yea!  If I’m not wrong, there were two occasions.  Firstly, I got so drunk, I spent the night besides the club, next to the drain as I puked into it time and again.  The other time, I got so drunk, I kept calling a friend and scolded that ass-hole, and miraclously, I found myself in my bed the next morning (or rather the next afternoon).  For both occasions, I had black out periods, whereby I did not know, and cannot recall, until today, what had happened.  And for whatever had taken place during the black out periods, it doesn’t matter anymore for they happened so long ago.

But who knows, the past might just come back and bite me in the butt.

Who had a bad bad too-drunk-to-remember experience before?  care to share?

let me just revealed one- I saw Paul of paultan.org drunk before.  he was sitting at some steps, away from his groupie, away from the loud music, with his crack revealed, head hung low, eyes one fourth opened… you can just tell that he can’t take a drink or two anymore, or else it’s going to be waterfall of puke.  and that, my dear all, is how i am when i’m over the high stage and way too into the drunk stage…


One Response to “drunk lady”

  1. angel Says:

    i’d wanna try one day… but of course not at pubs lah… sure die wan… 😛

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