flaccid vs stiff

the one natural thing about the dick is it's ability to go soft or hard, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

as a guy, i some times get hard without much explanation of why.  maybe it's caused by me not wearing underwear and the direct rubbing with my jeans?  maybe it's a wet dream when i had while dozing off during a long travel.  but most of the time, it's unexplanable.

yes, there's always the crack of the female butt now-and-again especially girls like to wear shorter tops and lower jeans, and also some clevage now and again.  but somehow those do not entice a hard-on, it only arouses interest for guys to keep on looking… but hard-on, hardly…

so i suppose that's why i prefer to wear brief rather than boxers, because hard-on can better concealed.  But as I get older, I tend to prefer to wear boxers.  Somehow it feels better…  Cooler?

Talking about underwear, I'm not sure how guys- or girls in fact- would wear g-strings, as I saw them increasingly on sale nowadays.  I mean, there's this piece of thing running through your butt!  That is until I bought myself and tried it.  It's quite alright actually, and it makes me feel kinda… sexy.  So i suppose for girls, it makes them feel sexy the whole day?

Hmmm… strange for guys to wear g-string?  I bought mine only after I've seen a guy (not a gay mind you) wearing it (ok ok… I accidentally saw it, don't ask me how I did) and a girl dare me to get one myself.

And if you walk in a certain manner, it makes u horny as hell, and hard you'll get.  Is that how girls get horny without touching herself, and on the street while walking? LOL…. I dunno, maybe….

I like the feeling of being touched.  Touched me slightly just right under my armpit, or the back of my neck, or the region at my stomach, or around my nipple, or just right inside my thigh.. you got aroused baby!  yes! I'm damn easy to be aroused by touch.  What to do? I can't control myself, can I?


Under normal circumstances, is it strange for a girl to see a guy having a soft dick?  I mean, what will you girl do if after a deep kissing and u discover the guy is still soft?

Under normal circumstances, is it strange for a guy to see another guy's dick hard?  I mean, have u guy seen another having it hard in the locker rooms and do you be careful not to get 'too close' to that fella? 


2 Responses to “flaccid vs stiff”

  1. angel Says:

    Gimme a boyleg anytime! But not a g-string… just couldn’t get used to it! LOL! So I’m NOT sure if wearing a g-s, walking down the road will make a girl feel horny!

    Nah, not strange for guys to wear g-s… like u said, some of my guy frens told me that it’s comfy too 😉

    After deep kissing and he’s still soft? Grab hold of his jewels and play-play, of cos! 😉 If still tak boleh, the hungry mouth shud do the trick… no? 😀

  2. Dabido (Teflon) Says:

    This will sound strange, but when I played on the NSW State team for US football, some of the guys ducked into the toilets to jerk off a bit to make their penises look large in the shower, as they were afraid theirs might look small, while others of us (like myself), just used the showers and if it still looked small or not (who knows I wasn’t measuring) just basically had to feel all embarrassed about it all.

    I was a bit worried about the guys who decided to come in and have conversations with us while we were showering … like, I think they might have been … curious or something.

    Never had it hard nor seen another guy with a hard on in group … can’t seem to keep it down if a female is nearby! lol

  3. bottle Says:

    angel: haha. the mouth always does the trick

    dabido: i suppose it’s true that some guys do mind the size of their jewels. and yea, those jokers who like to strike conversation inside the locker room…most of the time, that’s just weird.

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