A bottle’s project

Blogging started off as a one-way communication thing.
Then, we have comments from readers.
And other bloggers began blogging in respond to certain posts. That is, as good as those posts are in fashion (such as Kennysia making fun of himself, Peter Chai going botak, XiaXue offending Malaysians, and others).
And then there were the meme posts. Those entries are as good as people continue on doing those meme. I myself have a fair share of creating my own meme (10-word-meme and its sub-sequel meme).

Now, I’m going ahead with this idea I shall call: Message In a Bottle.

The idea is pretty simple. It’s based on questions such as: How many times have you wanted to tell someone something badly, but without the person knowing? How you wish to ask someone a question, without revealing your identity? How you wish you ask something and get a sincere answer, by not being the one asking the question?

So this is what you can do:

1) My email is that[dot]bottle[at]gmail[dot]com. Remember that, you’ll need it.
2) Open an email editor, and put the subject as “I want to send a message in the bottle.”
3) In the email, include the intended receiver’s email. If you don’t have the receiver’s email, send me the person’s blog or something so that I can TRY to track the person, but no promise.
4) Then, write your letter/ questions/ complains/ or whatever. Please write it in such the way that you’ve intended the receiver to read it. (Do NOT write: Bottle, can you ask that stupid girl why she ignores me because I’m fat, since she’s fat as well… >.

To: [email given]
You got a message in a bottle
I’m bottle and I’m sending you this email as part of
this project. This is the message intended for you:


I surely appreciate your reply. You can respond by explaining, or by asking questions back to the anonymous sender. Note that your reply will be forwarded to the anonymous sender. Thus, it’s your choice to respond.


6) If I get a respond, I’ll send it back to you.
7) If I don’t get a respond, all I can say is, try to forget about it, or else, approach the person directly to ask and see if you get a respond.
8) Important: I might post some of the emails here at this blog, with identity deleted that is. I believe in sharing, so let’s share ok? :p
9) Note: This is not an Aunty/ Uncle Agony service, so don’t email me to ask me for advice. This is also not a “Search for Missing Person” service, so don’t expect me to track down on your missing loved ones.

So, do you want to send a Message in a Bottle?

p.s. Any suggestion or comment or question welcomed.
p.s.s. But for God’s sake, don’t post your email in the comment box. please refer to 1) for my email add.

“Message in a bottle often refers to someone putting in a piece of written paper in a bottle, and throwing it off to the sea…hoping that someone will pick it up and read it…”


7 Responses to “A bottle’s project”

  1. ivan Says:

    brilliant project. maybe i should promote this on my blog.

  2. angel Says:

    u never fail to impress me, lil’ botol 🙂
    i shall publicise it for you too 😉

  3. angel Says:

    ei, but then hor, if u dont want the other party to know who’s sending the message, how’s that person gonna answer??

    kwang kwang kwang…

  4. bottle Says:

    remember, i’m sending the email on behalf of the sender? so the receiver can send it through me. take it that i’m the messenger. it’s like secondary school time lar, when you secretly admire someone but don’t want the person know, but at the same time you want to ask the person something, you get your friend to be the messenger lor…

    the email doesn’t have to be questions only, but also comments or whatever off your chest that you want to express to a someone… the idea is, to keep your identity anonymous. and to be fair to the receiver, he/ she can choose to respond, or not.

  5. bottle Says:

    thanks ivan, thanks angel

  6. Dabido Says:

    How will you know the other persons e-mail addy?

    I could ask, ‘Does So and So like ice cream’ and you could go to their blog and they have no e-mail addy or anything there … and if they don’t read here, then they might never ever know that the question has been asked!

  7. _butt Says:

    Projek Botol.. cool stuff!! I shall spread the word soon 😉

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