Bless you fellow bloggers

From this post until the next few posts, I’l going to post sites of some bloggers who have moved on be with Him. These people have been missed, but what I hope is that they are not forgotten. They might not be extraordinary being, but whatever they wrote, I would say, should serve as reflection to all of us.

I have wet eyes whenever I read the archive of those blogs. Some entries really touch my heart which only the heart knows…

I won’t be elaborating or explaining those blogs… Just their links. Their still-existing blogs will give you an idea of what ppl we have lost from the face of the earth.

Now consider this, what if that blogger is a friend of yours? After the initial few months, it will settle upon you that you could have treat the person better, you could have tell the person how much you appreciate the person, and so on…

I’ve never met these bloggers, but I sure hope that I did… for now, it’s too late. I could have known them… but right now, it’s the online tombstone that remains…

God Blessed.
David Thong


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