puppy vs dog

my aunt has a puppy. it has been a few months now, and one day my aunt remarked “When will Spot start peeing with one leg raised?”

That set me thinking as well.

A puppy will pee with its hind part lowered and yellow fluid begins streaming down. This is what Spot is still doing.

The way that dog pee also set me thinking, how did mother nature teach dogs to pee like that? in the animal kingdom, four-legged animals normally just stand there and pee. No? Pardon me, but i’m no animal expert.

So when will puppy pee like a dog? Does it need to see other dogs doing it and learn through that way? Or does it need to fuck a bitch, and overnight it becomes a dog?


4 Responses to “puppy vs dog”

  1. Winn Says:

    monkey see monkey do ma..
    and peer pressure summore..

    and i think hor,doggies raise their legs to pee only when they are aiming their pees at something – eg the tyres…
    and why do they wat to pee at one corner aiming onto ‘something?’


    tat’s so becoz hor, they like wan to ‘feel’ their pees!

    * ai very hard to explain*
    u know hor when u shoot ur pee onto a thick surface, u’ll feel that ‘impact’ and ‘stronger rush’?

    thats the satisfaction of peeing..HAHAH..

    angeliu what u think? ;p

  2. bottle Says:


  3. Winn Says:

    eh u see in gents rite, guys always pee on the wall ..or the wat wat lavatory rite?

    malaysia punya toilet cheap one la thats why most of the lavatory doesnt have running water. if got runing water sure wont kena pants/leg 1…hahaha

    oh and i’m sure guys will raise their kakis to pee if they were to walk on 4 legs like the doggies..

  4. angel Says:

    LOLOL!! winnliuliu! lei hai tak geh…

    lil’ botol, this girl will hv an answer for EVERYTHING wan! liuliuliu…

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