Is Pizza Hut racist?

I got this in my email:

Hello everyone. I have some interesting news. I was in Pizza Hut (Sunway Pyramid) yesterday and suddenly my friend showed me the bill. The bill contains normal things la (number of person, bill. number and what is ordered). But, what shocked me is that they had space called “RACE”. I guess since we were all wearing tudung, they
labelled us as 0, which means MALAY. Later, when we went to pay…we had no service charge and no tax charge.

Still in shock, I peeped into another bill in the counter. In that bill, under the race space, it was labelled as C (which I guess means Chinese). That bill had service and tax charges!!!

I started investigating. One of my Sri Lankan friends was labelled as Indian it seems and she also had to pay service and tax charges a few weeks back.

What I’m wondering is that…does anyone know about this? I find it rather strange that they charge service and tax charge using race in Pizza Hut, out of all the places!

Is that true?
In any case, I was at JB Larkin bus terminal. There’s a McDonald there. I ordered one of those meals, and I’ve by default given the large meal order, which is relatively more expensive with a bit larger drink, and a bit larger fries portion. (Look at my previous post with regard to McDonald’s French Fries) I look over the counter to other customers. True enough, they were Malay and they are getting the regular size by default. What the dig ass hell ?!?!

I’m a Malaysian Chinese, but should I start saying I’m a Chinese Malaysian instead?


7 Responses to “Is Pizza Hut racist?”

  1. Tan Yee Wei Says:

    Disturbing, very disturbing…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    You are a consumer, you have the right to choose and to reject? Why didn’t you use it? Now, who is not clever here?

  3. Jon Says:

    Can anyone else verify this? Perhaps a scanned copy of the bill (with private information pixelated).

    It sounds like one of those things that people do to fuel racial hatred.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You actually believe that ?

    How old are you by the way. Not that I’m implying that age equals intelligence. Just curious.


  5. bottle Says:

    truth is, i don’t think the pizzahut story is that true. but nevertheless, i could be dead wrong. so i posted it here, perhaps someone can verify.

    but what i experienced in McD is true.

  6. cheng sim Says:

    omg. how come i never noticed them?

  7. pelf Says:

    I realized they have a little space for RACE in the order form but never really paid much attention to it because there was once we (Chinese) were labelled “M”, which I assumed was for “Malay.” But of course there were other times we were correctly labelled “C”.

    I never asked the cashier what was the race information for because I thought it was just a census and PH would like to know which race visits PH more frequently. Or something like that.

    Definitely food for thought.

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