McDonald is a cheat

Yup McDonald is cheating u off your money. One item that really make big bucks and money for McDonald is their so-called original French Fries. In Malaysia and Singapore, French Fries come in 3 sizes, Regular, Medium and Large. Yes, McDonald doesn’t believe in this size: Small.

Anyway…. do know this. McDonald cheats you off every time you buy French Fries. Whenever you buy French Fries in Medium size, you are actually getting the Regular a.k.a Small size. How to know that? Well, whenever you get your Medium French Fries, shake it a bit. It is almost certain that after 3 shakes, the content has been reduced to about half what that paper container can contain. It is by far different from what has been advertised in TV ads, in newspaper ads, in ads hanging above you as you order…

So what you can do? Do the shake, and show them what you are getting. Then ask the staff to reprenish your French Fries. Yes, McDonald is trying to rip you off, but that doesn’t mean you need to be rude and angry at the staff; they are afterall doing their job.

Well… if you don’t believe me, do the ‘shake test’ yourself. You’ll be disappointed that the McDonald staff are really trying to fool you into thinking you are getting what you deserve.

Fine! It’s not McDonald… It’s actually McDonald’s (I roll my eyes….)


One Response to “McDonald is a cheat”

  1. Chris Says:

    Dang! And I just had Mcdonald’s yesterday too! Will be sure to try that method out the next time I go there.

    Wonder if the staff can refuse to replenish your fries?

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