i’m back

i’m back, and i shall start off evil-ly by tagging ppl. yes, meme is so passé, but heck!

i’m tagging these people:
1) JoeC
2) ahpek
3) Drama Queen
4) simon
5) Hedonistics Anonymous
6) eyeris
7) viewtru
8) SK
9) jess
10) and of course: angel
(pssst… if you are unshamefully willing to go ahead to go the meme without being tagged, go ahead)

meme time again:

1) what is your IRC/ MSN/ Yahoo Messenger nick?
2) what’s the first word that comes to mind?
3) what was the word you last said?
4) what was last word you type?
5) what word do you hate?
6) can you rearrange these letters to form a word: giismsn ? (thanks angel for pointing out the missing number 6 word) 😉
7) what is your favourite prime colour?
8) have you read Da Vince Code?
9) what is the word of the day here?
10) finally, click here. now you have 10 words, go on and do this:
i) write an entry of between 100-200 words, with the words in your answers above included once, and only once.
ii) meme cannot be sent back to the sender.


8 Responses to “i’m back”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    glad you’re not suicidal anymore 😀

  2. eyeris Says:


    meme lagi???? -_-“

  3. bottle Says:

    nicholas: hehe… i was contemplating all these while. (check my next post). thanks for your concern 😉

    eyeris: aisehman. you know you write well wan, and creative too.

  4. She's Jess Says:

    whooppps…. just saw it… not late to do now hor?

  5. bottle Says:

    jess: of course not. even if u wait 100 years later and countless bathing in virgin blood to keep ur youthfulness, it’s never too late

  6. angel Says:

    uik… soli lil’ botol… i just saw this! u nvr tell me earlier wan…

    *head hangs in shame*

    cumming up next… 🙂

    i’m really glad to see u again… liuliuliu… stay a bit longer, will ya’?


  7. angel Says:

    errrr… how come you left out number 6 wan??? then kurang one word liao… how??

  8. bottle Says:

    angel: oh yea hor…. k. will add another question.

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