I read this with piss-y feeling


Even though the blog owner specified that a Dr Zakir Naik was the one giving the explanation, I’m holding that blogger responsible for posting that, as the blogger did not offer further thoughts on that statement. I’ll take it that the blogger agrees with this Dr Zakir Naik’s explanation then…

I wrote this as a comment, which is currently awaiting approval:

“and so that’s why there are so much misconception on Muslims, when Muslims shut themselves from the rest of the world. It is a reality, that there are other religions in the world, and each of these religions believe that their religions are the true one.

Now, what you mentioned is pretty skewed. Yes, a country has its own right to issue visas accordingly. You did not provide specific info for US visa, so i shall not comment. But looking at your resaoning for Singapore’s visa, it’s such a wrong train of thoughts. Singapore say that drug trafficking is punishable by death. What has it got to do with “death penalty is a barbaric punishment” ? When you mention “Only if I agree with their requirements and conditions will I be permitted to enter the country”, you make it seems like you have to agree that death punishment is not a barbaric act, and only by that, you can enter Singapore. Not true. even if u believe that death punishment is a barbaric act and and act of sin, Singapore will allow you in.

Singapore is only warning you that, if you are involved in drugs in that country, if you are caught, you are to face the death penalty. If you believe that dealth penalty is barbaric, Singapore doesn’t care.

Please get yout train of thoughts correct.”

Truth is this: by reading that, it puzzles me what Muslims are trying to uphold. After 9-11 incidents, I’ve read and heard stories, on how Muslims want to show that Islam is gentle and compassionate religion. Fine with you. if you prove it, I believe you. But if those Muslims places, as mentioned, treat non-Muslims as beings not fit to enter those areas, what are non-Muslims to think?

Consider this: What if a National Geographic non-Muslim photographer wants to enter those cities to photograph those cities and showcases them to show the world that Muslim cities are a-okay? Will special permission be granted? What about people who are interested in Islamic art and they would wanna visit those countries to appreciate Islamic art better? Will special permission be granted? What if the a great historian, who’s a non-Islam, want to entry those cities to earth out the goodness of the religion, based on history? Will special permission be granted?

In any case, I very pissed with the ‘visa’ example, which is pretty much the core explanation. I think Zakir Naik is stupid (note that I drop the ‘Dr’, it’s for the integrity of that title) and I think the blogger is stupid as well (for that very simple act of posting.)


One Response to “I read this with piss-y feeling”

  1. sharieff Says:

    This —— feeling man looks likes does not get the moral education at childhood. So he does not understand the simple talk of DR.Zakir naik.

    He always worrried about his ____feeling.

    _____ feeling he may understand only.

    So he should not waste his time talking about any religion. Just follow pig eaters feeling.

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