Hiatus seems to be an interesting word

oh it is…

and i’m embarking on it for the moment


I find myself drinking alot of late.
That’s not good as I’m doing my body a favour.
And I’ve been waking up like a shit, and going to work like one.

It’s not good at all
For most of the time, I don’t know why I drink exactly, but at the same, I know I need to drown certain feeling inside of me.
It’s quite unfortunate, that I’ve turned to alcohol for answer, and that’s the reality, and I’ve been fooling myself thinking that I’m not a compulsive drinker.

I need to find the courage, and the will power to say NO.
And I’m going to start with keeping myself away from posting here for the moment.

Please do not wish for my return here any time soon, the sooner I come back, it should come as a disappointment on my side, and for people who support me somehow somewhat.

It’s sad to take the leave, but the jet plane, I need to take.

Don’t wait for my return.

Sealed with a kiss, the bottle…


3 Responses to “Hiatus seems to be an interesting word”

  1. angel Says:

    Nooooo… 😥

    I start, U stop…*sigh*

    U shall be in my thoughts & songs… love thyself, ok?

    *mwah mwah*

  2. Dabido Says:

    Hope you return soon. Hope you also stop drinking. Drinking never solves anything, the problems still there when you sober up.

  3. snowybabie Says:

    sad…recently many of the blog i read has stopped…but for ur case, not seeing u posting here means u’re not drinking, guess should be happy for u then… gambatee!!!!–>

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