is one of the greatest place on earth.

no doubt. it has helped launch all the ‘so-called great’ bloggers in Malaysia. so much so that i see it as a kacang lupakan kulit situation… but whatever lar… you happy, i happy, heck care lar.

PPS is oso the place, where ppl witness the birth of new bloggers. some never made it, some began to gain the ‘so-called great’ blogger status.

PPS oso basically reflects on the blogging nature of Msian bloggers… you’ll see a lot of rubbish bloggers, and at the same time, some small gems now and then. and then, you’ll see opportunists (like me right? right? right? whatever…)

PPS has changed face, and right now, it has incorporated many functions and features… but most of the time, me, personally, only go for the pinging feature, and that’s about it… is it a waste of resources then? not exactly. at least i know that those functions are there and i appreciate the options.

right now, i don’t see anything major happening in msian blogosphere, and it’s reflected in PPS. i can skim through and close PPS after 10 sec of browsing…

so what’s becoming of PPS? personally ar, i have my theory, but no lar, not gonna share it publicly as i think it will certainly make many bloggers and blog-readers angry…

ok… that’s what running to my mind. when PPS is mentioned, i think of this word: pity.


2 Responses to “PPS”

  1. angel Says:

    so, share with me your theory… i promise i won’t bite…

    *blinks with an innocent face*

  2. boringest Says:

    there’s other blog aggregators too now e.g. SARA & SpyMy?

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