at subang tonight is explanatory. and it’s stupid.

since it’s been raining in the evening nowadays, quite natural lar to assume that the road will be jammed. furthermore, i’ll be using Federal Highway, notoriously known to jam up for no apparent reason.

and then ar… when reach the turning into subang, it got really bad, so bad that i detour-ed here and there and it seemed to be jam everywhere in subang leading towards USJ side. i finally decided to just go along with the jam, and finally, i reached the junction with the broken traffic lights. and then, it became apparent. the road was dug in order to repair the traffic lights. i just can believe it that these people cannot use their common sense when repairing road…

since the evening will be damned full of cars using that stretch of road, why oh why do they have to do the repair then. i’m sure they thought they needed some calculated time, but i’m sure they did not take into account that there might be a downpour, which i believed happened.

Damn stupid.


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