and i puke…

yesterday night after gulping in all the absolut vodka that i could…

i don’t know why, i drank so much yesterday night. i wasn’t at a party, or was i with any friends. i was all alone and the computer was my companion.

i puked so much, so hard, that my stomach was hurting this morning when i woke up. accessing the ‘damage’, i realized that i posted an entry here- which i’ve deleted; the subject was something that i wanted to yesterday; in fact, when i woke up this morning, i had the intension to post it, only to realize that i’ve done so, and i wrote it in such lousy manner, that i no longer am inspired to -rewrite it… so i simply delete it.

the other damage is, i realized that i’ve finished 1/2 a bottle of absolut vodka. i was already feeling tired and sleepy when i started indulging yesterday night, and that made it much worse. i suppose, the puking was the way my body’d told me that i should stop and in fact let some of the alcohol out of my system coz my body’s ain’t taking it too well. if i would have gone to bed instead, i could have died choking on my own vomit, or died of alcohol poisoning.

yes, it’s a stupid thing that i did, and i still dunno why i did it. perhaps it was all the accumulated sorrow and bitterness that i faced for the past few weeks, which, i would say, i’m just about to start recovering from.

so, just an advice from a no-good-fella here:
if you need to puke, please puke and do your body a favour. but do others a favour too, by not puking on them, and also, clean up after, even if you are still intoxicated (yes, it can be done…)


2 Responses to “and i puke…”

  1. angel Says:

    nxt time, dont drink alone lar… ajak me? i promise i won’t puke on u 😀

  2. She's Jess Says:

    hope you’re doing well..

    don;t drink too much next time,…–>

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