Why do people have to make such racial slur?

I was at a bus terminal one fine day, trying to get myself a ticket.

This bus terminal, it’s pretty notorious, almost dangerous, I must say. I don’t quite like the place, but I was there simply because I have lots of choices and can get pretty decent bus ticket there.

Now, it’s also pretty common sight at that bus terminal to see many many touts around, trying to sell tickets. They’ll say: [Destination] Sekarang! sekarang jalan… But when you bought the tic, you realized that you’ve to wait 15mins, then 30mins and if you are unlucky enough, 1 hour.

So that’s why, the advise is never to buy from those assholes.

Then I met this Chinese fella who begin to offer me tic. I refused and told him no… But he persisted on, telling me his bus is good and leave at such such time, and when I left, he said something like: How come you Chinese don’t trust another Chinese…

Trust another Chinese just because I am one?
Let me tell you anothe story. In the past, I’d this experience of this Chinese asshole coming to me asking for help. Apparently, this fella had lost his money and could not go back and he needed the money to buy bus ticket. I felt that it was pretty fishy, and being at the Terminal, I couldn’t help ut being paranoid and not trust anyone, even if it was a policeman. The asshole kept on blah-ing and then, I heard hint that he had a knife under his shirt and he’d use it if he had to. I quickly got off my seat and walked away, to another place with much much more people.

So tell me, am I going to trust a Chinese just because I myself am a Chinese?
I trust some people, and I don’t trust some. Regardless of race.
Especially at that bus terminal, I trust no one except myself. I would not put my bag at the baggage counter. I would not ask someone to look after my bag if I go to the loo, I wouldn’t help look after others bag so that they can go to the toilet, and so forth.

It really makes me think, after so long, all the different races live together, we have not learn to accept each other, but just to tolerate. So many times, I’m overcharged by taxi drivers who are Malay or Indian. Chinese are actually worst, they overcharged no matter what race you are, and they even can do it with 50% or even 100% more than the usual price.



2 Responses to “Why do people have to make such racial slur?”

  1. snowybabie Says:

    you can’t really trust anybody here in the city, TRUST ME…oh, i just say not to trust anyone, right? hmmm..guess that include me also…wahaha

  2. bottle Says:

    isn’t that very sad?

    you know, i’ve been listening to MJ’s man in the mirror, and izn’t it so that we have to start with our own selves? though we can never trust anyone, but it doesn’t mean we should b a non-trustworthy fella…

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