how many times

have your parents called asking you if you are coming back for dinner?

have your parents waited till late at night for you to return?

have your parents smsed to ask where are you?

have your parents give u missed calls so that you’ll call them back?

have your parents asking which friends you are with?

and all you can think is, now nosy your parents are.
truth is, they are anxious, they are worried. and yes, that’s the truth, and they can’t help to be nosy.

truth is, your parents are concern about the whereabout of you. you can lie or anything, but truth is, ur parents will see thru you…

so might as well tell the truth. especially if your parents are well-read, well informed, well,-kept-to-date-of-what-teens-are-up-to….
you should know that, your parents will learn to accept who you are…

i’ve told my parents that i drink alcohol. and yes, they do advise me to drink less, but at least they didn’t disallow me to…
it’s as much as they can do. firstly, they accept it, and secondly, they do see that it’s their responsibility to advise. so i take their advise with a pinch of salt; if possible, i don’t drink as much. but if i REALLY REALLY REALLY need to, i will, and i’m sure i can explain to them the next day.

parents… don’t treat them as your enemy. treat them as your friend and life can be much easier… you don’t have to be rebellious asshole in their eyes, they are human too, and they can learn to understand. of course, they can be assholes too, but that does not mean you should shut them off totally; listen to what they have to say, and take their words accordingly. i would think that, the older you get, the more bright you are, but then again, there are some of u who just didn’t grow up.

know who you are, know whose advise is the best. sometimes, your friends would say the things u wanna hear, but thtey may not necessary be the ones there for you when you are in trouble.

in whatever case, do noe this: your parents matter. at the beginning, your parents are the one whoe care for you. and at the end, your parents are the ones who can still give your unconditional love, who can forgive you, who can’t let you go, who can’t say ‘no’, who will love you always…

so when’s the last time you hug your parents?

DYK: I’ve nvr hug my parents, it’s just too weird in my family for its never a culture, but I’m making it a point to do it before they are gone…


2 Responses to “how many times”

  1. angel Says:

    *sniff sniff*

    yes, they are the only ones who’ll give us unconditional love… always there for us… always…

    angel hugs lil’ botol

  2. She's Jess Says:

    Humm… well said

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