Job Recruit Companies…

this is what I have to say…


You are the worst thing ever happen in the human race.
Same as consulting companies, these are the people who pretend to know what’s right and what’s not.

What Kelly? What GMP?


These companies are the opportunist. They know, all the rest of the companies may not know how how to get the right people, and alot of companies do not have good HR and management ppl. So these people step in, and claimed that they can find the right people.

Truth is, these recruit companies are just claiming to do so, for they have no expertise in the other companies that they are ‘helping’.

So of course, these recruiting companies begin to hire SMEs to help out with recruit. But then, they realized that that won’t work. So what they do? They begin to strike this deal: Candidates are signed under recruiting companies, and are contracted out.

Take for example. If HP, or IBM, or whatever big companies are hiring through recruiting companies, when you apply, you are actually applying to the recruit company and when u got thru, u are actually signed under the Recruit company.

Now, what’s the implication. One, or a few, or all of these could happen:

1) Your name card bears the recruitment company only. OR if your ‘adoption parent’ decides to give u name card, you will still have your recruitment company name on it.
2) You are most likely signed under contract. Say, if the job is to HP, you are actually contracted to HP. It means that it’s optional that u get benefits from HP, which include medical, dental, leave, bonus, etc. Unless a deal has been strucked.
3) bEing contracted, besides not having the usual benefits as a perm with the big cooperation, you also loose out on employer’s obligation. Some companies, when they downsize, they will have to pay compensation. But if u are a contract worker, you might not get it, i.e. your termination deal may be ‘least attractive’.
4) I was told… that some recruitment companies also draw some percentage from 1st month salary. Don’t know how true…
5) And I was told… some recruitment companies implement some kind of fee on the company you work for, something like tax by the recruitment company on the company your working with. So what does that got to do with you? Well, the company you working with is actually pays more for employing you, thus, if there’s a retrenchment exercise, your head will be on the chopping board, or at least considered. OR, they lower your salary. thus, every month, you are actually paying your recruitment company…

So, please, do not support recruit companies in any way, meaning…
1) do not apply through recruitment companies.
2) do not work with recruitment companies.

you might say, you can’t get a job and perhaps a recruit companies can help. know this: recruit companies are stricter in their selection, and since they don’t know the subject matter that well, they will just select based on qualification and experience. so, if you are looking for changing career direction, or if your results not good, etc, recruit companies are of no-good.

i say, let recruit companies die of natural death.
else, just let them deal with low-paying, low-level jobs…


One Response to “Job Recruit Companies…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Are you sure there will be no impact if there are not around…..

    ….. if they are around … then you only has the chance pops in… else you will be stranded misery in the bottom level jobs….

    …. high profile companies always … does not wan to own their own HR dept…. whereas to handle with recruitment is only part of their scope….. that is why recruitment companies are in to help you guys to get ur high profile job….

    re-think again boi…..

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